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Matt Crump’s candy coloured minimalist photography


Capturing signs, palm trees, fun fairs and architecture, photographer Matt Crump invites us into his very personal universe in which the warm colours of summer are never replaced by grayness. Crump is a self-taught minimalist who has no formal training in the field of photography. After his studies of art direction at the Texas Creative programme at Austin’s University of Texas – renowned for its focus on artfulness and simplicity in advertising – he went on to become an award-winning commercial art director. After ten years in the business, he began to dabble in minimalist photography with a colourful edge. His unique style was an instant succes, gaining him ten thousand Instagram followers in less than a month. Crump attributes this to his distinctive use of candy coloured negative space, surreal compositions, unusual subject and the endless summer vibe his photos emit. Read More »

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Zim & Zou fill Hermès’ Cabinet of Curiosities with leather figurines


The France based artistic duo Zim & Zou have been commissioned by Hermès to create a storefront for their Shanghai Hermès Maison. The duo has drawn inspiration from the inherent magic of childhood visits to museums of natural history to create figurines of all kinds of biological curiosities. From oversized butterflies and birds to insects and fish, Zim & Zou has intricately crafted creatures from a massive amount of leather and paper pieces, sourcing used offcuts from the Hermès workshops in Paris.

Layers and layers of detailed cut fins, feathers and tiny feet make up for an eclectic combination of vibrant sculptural critters such as owls, peacocks, crabs and caterpillars. Combined in the storefront, these creatures form a ‘Wunderkammer’ of artistic characters for passers-by to relive the experience of walking through the corridors of mysterious museums. Thematically, the store windows are influenced by nature – the two main ones refer to water and air while the smaller ones are inspired by earth. Previously seen in Zim & Zou’s installation at the Barcelona store of Hermès, the orange leather fox comes back in Shanghai in one of the narrow display cases. The project took about three months of meticulous work and the support of local artisans. Read More »

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Strong feminine portraits by painter Amy Judd


Painter Amy Judd (born 1980) is a London based artist who is exclusively represented by Hicks Gallery Wimbledon. In her work she paints portraits of women full of mystery and beauty. It’s a collection of sensitive, silent moments with some of them full of mischievous intrigue while others are more seductive and surreal. Judd draws inspiration from the enchanting and imaginative relationship between birds and women that is often found in traditional folklore and mythology. The paintings feature women covered in feathers and other natural elements. One recurring theme is the owl, which is linked to the sensitive yet strong image of the female body. Feathers, on the other hand, are used as symbols of armour and strength rather than fragility. Find more of Amy Judd’s work here. Read More »

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Tilda Swinton questions fast fashion with a performance at Pitti Uomo


In a 90 minute performance during men’s fashion fair Pitti Uomo in the Italian city of Florence, British actress and fashion muse Tilda Swinton has put into question the relationship between clothing and its wearer. To pillory ‘fast fashion’, she sniffed jackets and talked to a vest provided by personal shopper brand Cloakroom. The show was devised by fashion critic and historian Olivier Saillard – not a stranger to Tilda Swinton as they often work together. The audience was invited to leave pieces throughout the play for Tilda to contemplate and interact with, from licking a jacket to throwing herself full force on top of a coat or burying her face in a hood, in an attempt to bring out the poetry in ‘ordinary’ clothes. Saillard and Swinton’s performance asks us to press the pause button on the endless stream of products that – both fast and high-end – fashion churns out. We should appreciate what we already own as Olivier Saillard pointed out: “The collection takes life, built up on what’s acquired and not on novelty, wandering the opposite path to that which was constructed by fashion.” Watch an excerpt from the performance below along with a short interview with Tilda Swinton.

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Brussels photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte freezes a dancer in time


Brussels based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte and director André (Nicolas Vantomme) have created a stunning project consisting of a photo series and film that features an acrobatic dancer’s elegant movements that seem frozen in time. Expressive bursts of white powder go up in the air while the dancer gracefully and fluidly moves. Created for Friesland Campina Kievit, a Dutch company that makes all sorts of creamers, the team used high-speed cameras to capture the slow-motion footage and photos of the clouds of powder left behind by professional dancer Noi Pakon. The film was shot on a Phantom Miro at 1500 frames per second, while the pictures were taken with a phase one camera featuring a Credo 60 back, able to reach 60 million pixels and Broncolor flashes at 1/6.000 sec speed. Watch the advertising campaign and a making-of below. Read More »

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Andi Galdi Vinko’s explosion of hair and glitter


Photographer Andi Galdi Vinko from Hungary has a MA in Art History and has created the series below in close collaboration with make-up artists and hair stylist to create a blast of glitter, naked bodies and hair extensions. “I usually only work with hairstylists and makeup artists when it comes to commissioned projects and usually our hands are tied and we can’t go crazy. Here, we had no rules to follow, no client and no demands,” explains Galdi Vinko. The models were covered in glitter and hair sprouts from unexpected areas. The series is more intimate than it seems at first because the photographer draws inspiration from hidden knowledge: “It’s a playful observation on how glitter and rainbow makes everything different, or at least that’s what we are supposed to think, right? This whole new feminism is about being naked and proud of your body – but isn’t it all for the joy of men again?” Her portraits and still-lifes have gained international recognition in recent years, including an exhibition at this year’s Photoville, in New York.

Find more of her work on her Tumblr and Instagram. Read More »

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BLEND\BUREAUX brings back ‘wallvertising’ with Warsteiner X Ceizer


Premium beer label Warsteiner has collaborated with the Dutch artist Pieter Ceizer. The Paris based artist is specialized in typography, has his own art & design studio (Studio Ceizer) in Amsterdam and already owns a lifestyle brand. Creative agency BLEND\BUREAUX wants to bring back the art of ‘wallvertising’ and started this collaboration last year.

This project is inspired by the old New York phenomenon of painted advertisements on the sides of buildings. These advertisements, also called ghost signs or fading ads, that remained over time can still be found all over the world. Nowadays advertisers usually put up huge billboard campaigns with unreal features. Because of it’s authenticity wallvertising is becoming more popular every day. And whom other than Pieter Ceizer should one ask to let his creativity speak on these walls? He is the king of typography and creative writing.

Various walls in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been treated with a unique design to bring back the remains of urban life. The designs can be found on walls of well known locations like café PIEK (Rotterdam) the Ruyschkamer (Amsterdam) and the We Are Labels boutique in the Pijp (Amsterdam). Expect unexpected wordplays that communicate the core of Warsteiner’s identity, such as ‘the biggest small family brewery’. Warsteiner aims to support the comeback of wallvertising because it represents craftsmanship and centralizes the artist. With every mural project Ceizer adds a special touch by referring to the identity and personality of the owners of the specific bar of shop. The combination of this authentic art form and Ceizer’s distinctive style makes every mural special. With this project Warsteiner proves it’s interest in supporting and acknowledging young and upcoming artists and taking them to the next level in their career.

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Design a new maze for the hotel that inspired ‘The Shining’


The actual hotel that inspired Stephen King to write his masterpiece ‘The Shining’ is now hosting a contest to design a new maze. The maze of the Stanley Hotel formed the setting for one of the most climactic endings to a movie adaptation of a book, thanks to Stanley Kubrick’s rendition of ‘The Shining’. The maze that wins the contest will be constructed and it’s bound to be a tourist attraction for film geeks when it’s finished. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado wants everyone to design their own unique maze, of which one will be constructed using 1,600 to 2,000 Alpine Currant hedge bushes, taking up 61,500 square foot. The winner will be honoured with a placard bearing their name placed at the site. You can enter the contest yourself by submitting your design to The Stanley Hotel website by January 31, where you can find helpful templates and tips for newbies to making mazes.

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These extravagant stilettos by Japanese designer Masaya Kushino are actually made to be worn


This collection of stilettos has been created by Japanese designer Masaya Kushino. His latest series is called ‘Bird-witched’ and features three extravagant stiletto designs that draw inspiration from the art of Jakuchu Ito, an iconic Japanese painter who depicted “real life animals such as birds, tigers, and elephants in a really ingenious way, tinged with a bit of insanity,” according to Kushino in an interview with Blouin Art Info. The extravagant ‘Bird-witched’ heels are on show at the “Killer Heels” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which runs until February 15, 2015.

The designer’s haute couture creations are unprecedented in texture, form and materials, as the philosophy behind his designs states that shoes are not just for walking, but that they can serve as standalone objects of art: “Shoes are just as visually stimulating as sculpture or any other three-dimensional art piece, but they also fundamentally have to be wearable. When it comes to artistic pairs of shoes, they are more instinctive and more interactive, which I think is their most attractive trait,” Kushino told Blouin Art Info in the same interview. His ultimate goal is to influence future generations with his designs: “I would like to find a place in history as a shoes designer in the future. People in the future would imagine how people wore and made the shoes if my collections are exhibited in museums, that is my wish,” Kushino said in an interview with Twelvmag.

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Kenya Hara rethinks the traditional doghouse


The doghouse 2.0, that’s what Kenya Hara has in mind. The Japanese architect, graphic designer and curator has been the art director of Muji since 2001 and designed the opening and closing ceremony programs of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games 1998. For his latest project called ‘Architectures for Dogs‘ he asked a couple of architects to devise new original shelters for dogs. From ergonomic and simple shapes to more elaborate and complex designs, it’s an eclectic series of doghouses that correspond each architect’s unique style. It’s an extremely sincere collection of architecture and a new medium, which make dogs and their people happy. By looking at the diagrams or pictures or watching the videos, people all over the world can make these themselves. Dogs are people’s partners, living right beside them, but they are also animals that humans, through crossbreeding, have created in multitudes of breeds. Reexamining these close partners with fresh eyes may be a chance to reexamine both human beings themselves and the natural environment.

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