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Bozar Electronic Arts Festival: 25 – 27 September

Head over to Brussels this week for the BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival, which invites artists from all over the world who use the latest technological developments to shape their ideas. The unique setting of the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels blends music, performances, installations, workshops and conferences into an exciting whole. Thursday 25th September is the first day of the festival and is free of charge. During this first day you can discover Cod.act, a performance by Michel & André Décosterd and installations by Luc Deleu, Quayola, and Jean-Michel Albert & Ashley Fure’s Tripwire – which remain to be seen during the rest of the festival.

Friday, the second day of the festival, offers musical performances by Kiasmos (aka Ólafur Arnalds & Janus Rasmussen), Nils Frahm‘s project ‘Erased Tapes’, Mondkopf, Tim Hecker, BenFrost, andPowell. The last day of the festival offers music by Robert Henke (Monolake), Max Cooper, Fuck Buttons, Vasulka, Ictus & Cédric Dambrain, Lumisokea, Thomas Ankersmit & Phill Niblock, and Young Echo.

Day tickets cost €18 each, or €30 for a festival pass.

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Ice Cream Cone Workshops


‘Gelatology’ is a series of workshops in which participants are given 3 randomly chosen adjectives with which they have to create their own ice cream cone. It’s organized by Studio Fludd and if you would like to organize one of their workshops near you, e-mail them here.

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A Poster A Day



During a whole year, graphic designer Kayankwok develops a poster a day – often involving a banana as a matching repetition of the colour yellow, resulting in a stark contrast with the black and white background. Key words for her work are vintage, retro, collage, and pin-up, while bringing together different time periods and contemporary graphic design.

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Roman Signer at KINDL


Last Saturday KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art opened its doors with a site-specific exhibition by Roman Signer. The Swiss artist brought his installation ‘Kitfox Experimental’ to the Boiler House of the former brewery complex in Neukölln. It features a plane hung under the almost 20-meter high ceiling of this new art space that is still under development and that will offer three levels – housing exhibitions, a café and a bookstore.

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David Cata: Skin As Canvas


Artist David Catá incorporates various mediums in his work. For his photography, he employs his own skin to project our memory and our interactions with the people in our lives. Many of his images show physical stitches that resemble the persons that have had an influence on his life. As he explains himself: “Everyone we meet makes us in someway. Their image projects on us, reminding us where by we come from. Their lives turn into a part of ours. Every stitch represents them over my skin, physical pain is not a boundary, it unites us more by thinking of the marks on my hand as an affective act, that my thinking, at one time, my hand has touched their hand”.

Have a look at his work below and view the videos which track his methods.

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Hyper-Realistic Fashion Paintings by Anna Halldin-Maule


Swedish born artist Anna Halldin-Maule nourishes our creativity with her hyper-realistic paintings. Her extremely detailed oil based artworks, both embrace and critique today’s fashion and luxury industry. Driven by the issues female identity faces in contemporary society, Anna Halldin-Maule creates paintings portraying nude models adorned by jewellery, make-up and objects of luxury. The series, titled ‘Persona’, thus explores how women use these items of consumerism as a mask in search of their true self.  Inspired by her Swedish background the minimalist paintings have been made with the use of toned-down colours, which create a balanced and harmonious setting significant for Scandinavian design. Anna Halldin-Maule closely collaborates with her husband, Tom Maule, who is a schooled photographer. Together they start Anna’s creative process by composing a photoshoots which later serves as a reference for her paintings. On oversized canvases Anna portraits the models by using layers of fine brush strokes which result in a work of remarkable precision.

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Richardson Magazine x SOTO Berlin


If you happen to be in Berlin tomorrow, head over to SOTO at Torstraße 72 for the launch of a collab between the menswear retailer/concept store and New York’s Richardson Magazine. The magazine is an annual journal of art and culture which focuses on sex and sexuality. The collaboration features two graphic T-shirts, a long-sleeved tee and short-sleeved tee, and exclusive versions of the artwork Richardson has become known for over the years. The collaboration celebrates the European launch of Richardson magazine apparel and accessories collection which will be stocked at UNION LA, Supreme Japan, colette and Slam Jam, with SOTO being the exclusive German retailer of the line. The launch event of the Richardson magazine x SOTO collaboration takes place at SOTO on September 18 from 6 – 9 p.m., followed by a party at Berlin club Prince Charles beginning at 11 p.m. The event will also host an exclusive Richardson x SOTO video, created by New York native and photographer Gogy Esparza.


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First shared on the Tumblr page Flux Machine, art director and designer Kevin Weir uses found black and white photos to turn them in quirky GIFs. He got into the making of b/w GIFs to kill the downtime while doing an internship he had to undertake during grad school. The basis of his work are historical images found in the Library of Congress online archive.

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Glitched dioramas by Mathieu Schmitt


Mathieu Schmitt creates 3D printed dioramas encased in smoked glass cubes. During his preparations, he voluntarily corrupts 3D model data in order for the objects to come out slightly deformed. Together with the late-night settings, the results are eerie and haunting.

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Riverbed by Olafur Eliasson


Olafur Eliasson, a Berlin based artist, literally brings the outdoors inside by filling the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark with soil and stones to resemble a riverbed, hence the name of the exhibition. Eliasson wants the visitor to experience the contrast of the exhibition with true nature, by letting them get immersed in the authenticity of the installation. The central issue of ‘Riverbed’ is the progress of the visitor through the museum and the coinciding transitions between outside and inside, staged nature and culture – all becoming fluid.


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