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Wall Dogs of NYC

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 21.12.53

In an age with instant communication at your fingertips and digital marketing on every platform, there are those who still get out messages the old-fashioned way, with a paintbrush and some attitude. They call themselves “wall dogs,” says one veteran of the trade, “because we are chained to a wall all day by our safety harness, and we work like dogs.” Vocativ spent a day with these blue-collar artists as they paint advertisements high above the streets of New York City.

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De Invasie van Amsterdam/The Invasion of Amsterdam


Lisette Appeldorn

De Invasie, the Belgian event that supports young, upcoming talent is coming to Amsterdam on 3-4 May and will transform De Brakke Grond into a space filled to the brim with culture and creativity.

50 creative designers will show their best work during this free event at De Brakke Grond. Everything you’ll see is for sale as well, so grab as much as you can. Talent from all imaginable disciplines will join forces: architecture, design, interior design, fashion, accessories, art, graphic design, multimedia design, food & drinks, etc..


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Viktor & Rolf for Dutch National Ballet


Viktor & Rolf have designed a series of remarkable ballet tutus for ‘Double Dutch’, a project which invites choreographers, dancers and artists to challenge each other. Viktor & Rolf were paired with contemporary choreographer Jorma Elo. Read More »

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Manipulated Photos Of Death-Defying Scenes


Photographer Robert Jahns, or nois7 on Instagram, photoshops to create a series of death-defying scenes. He places thrilling elements next to ordinary images of city life and landscapes. Read More »

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Tom à la ferme


Canadian film wonderkid Xavier Dolan’s latest is called ‘Tom à la ferme’, or ‘Tom at the farm’ in English. At age 24 he has already directed ‘J’ai tué ma mère’, ‘Les amours imaginaires’ and the heavily underrated ‘Laurence Anyways’. In the dark, kinky thriller ‘Tom à la ferme’ he plays the protagonist: a young man who is kept hostage after the funeral of his lover, by his lover’s dangerous yet attractive brother. The film is filled with intelligent visual language, doused in blissful soundscapes. Read More »


Anna Conway


Paintings by Anna Conway. Eerie to say the least. Read More »

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Wurst Art


Running errands at the local supermarket, Karsten Wegener, Silke Baltruschat and Raik Holst discovered a piece of packaged ham which uncannily resembled ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. The shape of the ham, the arrangement of egg, cucumber, carrot and the packaging was perfect.

So they set out to re-create this first feeling of recognition. Read More »

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Drawings by Nuria Riaza


Spanish illustrator Nuria Riaza is a collector of memories and absurd objects which she stores away in a little tin box. Read More »

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Cinematography by Maiko Takeda


Japanese fashion designer Maiko Takeda‘s graduation project ‘Cinematography’ consists of collars, hats, bracelets and corsets. Each piece reflects a shade and an image of the body of the model, illuminated by a spotlight.

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Billboards by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel


In the 1970s and 80s, two guys set out to alter billboards with obscure images they made themselves. Their names? Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. Their images often had no meaning, but were meant to mock advertising. They could be considered pioneers of street art. The duo published a book titled ‘Evidence’. It’s one of the most influential books on the subject of the use of found images. Read More »