Steven Visser: A gentleman’s thing

Steven Visser is a recent graduate from the Artez academy in Arnhem. He created the collection ‘A Gentleman’s Thing’ because he felt that today’s street wear in certain ways mirrors the efforts for self presentation of the gentleman from back in the days. A lot of attention is payed to detail, and objects are worn primarily for their stylish appearance, although they are usually fully functional. So a contemporary collection for today’s gentleman. 
Visser did not go back tot the 19th century for nostalgic reasons: he was merely interested in the 19th century gentleman for conceptual reasons. The outfits worn by those men consisted of items that had a standardized form and function – but at the same time these items expressed the individual taste and status of their wearer. This is exactly what Visser tried to express in his collection of accessories. He took the form and function of the items of choice for granted but tried to make them look unique and sophisticated by adding small details. View the full collection below.