Create an authentic and meaningful campaign for Warsteiner Benelux and build upon the already existing DO IT RIGHT campaign.


Warsteiner wants to reach a young, creative audience by communicating through authentic experiences.


Create a series of documentary-style videos featuring people with a link to the Netherlands. They live by Warsteiner’s DO IT RIGHT mentality, which is about taking your fate into your own hands. These people are not afraid to live life on their own terms, turning dreams into a reality.
Be devoted, be passionate and fight for something, no matter if you fall down or succeed, do it right. The newest Warsteiner DO IT RIGHT campaign aims to support the people who live this mentality. It translates the values and tradition of the 260 year old family brewery.


A series of six documentaries, each featuring one creative who has a story to tell. The portrayed creatives were chosen from six very different parts of the industry to illustrate the universal truth behind any success. Each story-teller is on an individual journey, different from the others, yet every character is highly driven to go after their dreams. BLEND\BUREAUX collaborated with talented videographer Niels van den Top to create authentic video portraits. The six featured characters include surfer Yannick de Jager, entrepreneur Rens van Mackelenbergh, photographer Joost Vandebrug, artist Pieter Ceizer, fashion designer Mick Keus and musician Dirkjan de Wit.

Watch all episodes below: