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Air Plant Jellyfish by Cathy van Hoang


Air plants or Tillandsia in their scientific naming are one of the most forgiving to grow, even for people with a habit of neglecting their gardening duties. For Long Beach, California-based photographer, art director and designer Cathy van Hoang, these air plants were a solution for her ‘black thumb’ and ever since she translated her love for these low-maintenance plants into the creation of unique air plant sculptures placed within sea urchin shells that look like colourful jellyfish. Van Hoang calls her creations ‘petit beasts’ which inspired the name of her Etsy shop. In talking to Dearest Nature she explains how the idea came about: The idea of turning air plants into jellyfish was an accidental one. I had the right ingredients to make them from the start. Sales really started to pick up and I was running out of space, so I started to hang them from the ceiling and voila. All of the positive responses I’ve been getting from people makes me very happy. I’m really glad that people are able to relate to them.” Van Hoang sees her creations – that bear shells painted in hues of teals, magentas and gold – as ‘pets’ that she “adopts, cares for, raises, and then sends out into the world.”  Read More »

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We Could Be Heroes – A century of teenage dreaming explored by London’s Photographers’ Gallery

“Untitled” from the series Brooklyn Gang, 1959  Photography by Bruce Davidson, courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery

A new exhibition called ‘We Could Be Heroes’ is premiering at London’s Photographer’s Gallery and explores the past 100 years of youth culture from the streets of South London to the gritty back alleys of New York. The exhibition opens this Friday trying to provide a wide array of visual answers to the question: ‘What makes being young so exciting?’ Focussing on the post-war years – in which the term ‘teenagers’ came about – the group show features photography legends as Bruce Davidson, Ed van der Elsken, Bert Hardy, Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Roger Mayne, Chris Steele-Perkins, Anders Petersen, Al Vandenberg, Weegee and Tom Wood as they chart the international development of youth culture over the period of the past 100 years as they lift a middle finger to the past and its traditions. While Davidson captures a Brooklyn gang of teenage dreamers inspired by Marlon Brando and James Dean, Knorr and Richon focus on the London punk scene to provide aesthetically thrilling images documenting the rambling symbolism of the subculture. Van der Elsken and Petersen on the other hand immortalise the confusion that’s part of experiencing newfound freedoms. Although the subjects aren’t bound by location, age or sartorial taste, they all have this in common: an unshakable rebellious spirit, a longing for freedom and a knack for exploring.

We Could Be Heroes is on show at London’s Photographers’ Gallery from February 6 – April 12, 2015. Read More »

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La Femme soundtracks Yves Saint Laurent’s catwalk show in Paris


La Femme is psyche-punk rock band founded by keyboard player Marlon Magnée and guitarist Sacha Got in Biarritz, France. Influenced by Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk and mix of cold wave, punk, yéyé and surf music they released their first EP in 2010. Their interest in fashion – not unusual for a French rock band – has sparked the interest of Yves Saint Laurent to let them score his latest catwalk show. The band, called Mystere for the occasion, created beautiful, languorous music for the show, featuring lyrics such as “I made love to her all night long. I would have loved to made love to her all life long. Farewell” (“Je lui ai fait l’amour toute la nuit. J’aurais aimé lui faire l’amour toute la vie. Adieu”) and some stuff about “swallowing”. The piece, which you can hear below, is a soundscape of 20 minutes called ‘Me Suivre’. La Femme and its frontman Marlon Magnée have also been included in a series of portraits by Hedi Slimane for Yves Saint Laurent‘s new collection. The prince of rock-fashion photographers picked some of the best acts of the aforementioned French new wave. It features Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker’s partner Melody’s Echo Chamber, Grand Blanc and Moodoïd. Read More »

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Max Cooper presents captivating audiovisual show ‘Emergence’ at NEON


Last Saturday, British dj and producer Max Cooper came to NEON in Ghent as part of the city’s Light Festival during which the entire city center was drowned in light installations and art. The afterparty organised by Thief In The Night featured audiovisual shows by the likes of Max Cooper, Lederfaust, Oaktree x Avondlicht x MISTERT, and Amyn. The first presented his audiovisual live show ‘Emergence’ that is the story of “how everything comes from (almost) nothing.” It was an immersive, groundbreaking visual and musical show filled with deep, melodic techno. Premiered at the Bozar Electronic Arts festival, it sees Ex-scientist Cooper creating an overpowering sensory and dancefloor experience. The show ranges freely across time, from the beginning of the universe to the grand intensity of contemporary society and offering an insight into the future. Pulsating techno, electronica and beatless soundscapes are juxtaposed with the unique visuals of multiple artists. Watch the captivating trailer below. Read More »

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Atelier Van Lieshout shows Blast Furnace at ART Rotterdam


For the first time in the Netherlands, Atelier Van Lieshout will present the entire Blast Furnace during Art Rotterdam from February 5 through 8.  The Blast Furnace is a steel installation that measures 11 meters in height and that is powered by manual labor and simple mechanics. The 16th edition of Art Rotterdam aims at showing the latest developments within the world of the visual arts. With different approaches to young art in diverse exhibition concepts, Art Rotterdam has become an alternative to large international fairs. In the ‘Projections’ space, video art is shown in an open and interactive setting, while the youngest talent is exhibited in the spectacular hall of the old distribution centre of the Van Nellefabriek (which was recently put on the UNESCO World Heritage list). New this year is a section for non-profit spaces and artist initiatives. In the old workshops of the factory, they present a combination of video, installation and performance art.