Art, Illustration

Animals in Moiré part 2


A few months ago, we already featured some personal work by Italian artist and graphic designer Andrea Minini who uses the Moiré effect to contrast illustrations of animals. This time again, he shows the beauty of wild animals with architectural, mathematical shapes.

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Design, Fashion

Paper Airplanes


For Graham Kelman, architecture is a way of thinking, organizing, solving problems, and innovating. For Etienne Aigner’s New York boutique, he created a system consisting of over 600 paper airplanes, to divide the models and their accessories.

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‘Wink Space’: a Walk-In Kaleidoscope Installation


Saya Miyazaki and Masakazu Shirane’s dazzling ‘Wink Space’ installation is made up from an array of laser-cut mirrors to create a giant, walk-in kaleidoscope built inside a shipping container. The duo cut dozens of mirrors into triangular shapes to form a multi-faceted structure. They created the installation for last year’s Kobe Biennale, which challenged artists to create mobile works inside of shipping containers in order for the artwork not to be confined to a geographical location.

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Yovcho Gorchev


Yovcho Gorchev aka Yø Vø is a photographer based out of London, UK and a graduate of Royal College of Art. More about Yovcho Gorchev and his photography here.

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The Gif Connaisseur


The Gif Connoisseur is a Tumblr which contains edited GIFs originating from various creators. The Gif Connaisseur stars a man in a light blue suit who seems to be admiring a famous painting but instead gazes at a variety of moving, digital images. The contrast between his oddly nonchalant posture and the psychedelic movements he is staring at gives the project its quirky touch.

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