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Time inspired collection Beating Lines by Marcha Schagen

Collection Beating Lines

Collection Beating Lines

Marcha Schagen graduated from HKU in 2012 (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) and has been on a journey ever since. She is continuously asking herself how to relate to society as individual and to the creative industry as the artist she is today. After a variety of successful fashion- and performance projects she felt like starting something of her own. Last year she has been working on her project ‘Beating Lines’, a collection that consists of five wearable pieces. ‘Beating Lines’ reflects on moving and rejecting existing preconceived ‘lines’ as a metaphor for barriers and frameworks. Schagens newest collection is a portrayal of development, inspired by the element of time. Read More »

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Penguin Classic paints its orange covers black for its 80th anniversary


We’re certain everyone has at least once picked up a Penguin Classic paperback, characterised by their typical orange covers. Whether it was in a secondhand bookshop, during class, or in one of your grandparents’ bookshelves, the orange hue has become synonymous with great literature. Penguin Books has paid particular attention to the design of its books since recruiting German typographer Jan Tschichold in 1947. The early minimalist designs were modernised by Italian art director Germano Facetti, who joined Penguin in 1961. Now to celebrate the publishing company’s 80th anniversary, they’ll release 80 seminal novels for a mere 80p each. For this series, the iconic orange covers have been painted black and are entitled the ‘Little Black Classics‘.  Read More »

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Magnetron Music kicks off its ten-year anniversary with a club tour


Dutch label Magnetron Music has been around for 10 years now and that’s a good opportunity to celebrate with a club tour that starts in their hometown. During the first stop of their ‘MagnetronMusic 10 Years, Now We’re Talking’ the label will take over Tolhuistuin Amsterdam on February 20 with all of their signed artists: Faberyayo, Vjeze Fur and Willie Wartaal of De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Sofie Winterson, Vic Crezée, etc. etc.. The first edition will also have a few firsts: the youngest member of the Magnetron family, Donnie, who was signed only recently will play his latest tracks, while founder Bas Bron and DJ 618 will present the new Footwork/Juke project Belmer.  Read More »

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Konstantin Kofta teams up with bandit9 for a custom motorcycle


Launched last year, the bandit9 ‘EVE’ motorcycle is a custom made model, based on the 1967 Honda SS, boasting either a 90cc or 125cc engine. It features a chrome-finished steel unibody with bronze accents, stripping the bike back to its essential mechanical parts such as the exposed suspension. These images by Wing Chan showcase the EVE in a collaborative project with Ukranian fashion designer Konstantin Kofta, resulting in a scene that seems taken from a sci-fi film, reminding us of the 1970s design language of Space Age. The integration of Konstantin Kofta’s geometric bag design from his 2015 ‘Inertia’ collection and bandit9’s EVE reflects their shared individuality while referencing the Bejing-based customisation company’s ventures outside of the motorcycle industry.  Read More »


Album Review: Georgio ‘The Dove’ Valentino – Mille Plateaux


Brussels based and Florida born musician Georgio ‘The Dove’ Valentino released a new LP. Writing a review about The Dove’s music is not an easy task as his songs aren’t easily contained in one word, sentence or even paragraph – just like the life story of the guitarist/singer/journalist/art critic whose magnetic personality and avantgardist music drenches its listeners in a dark alternative universe in which H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, William S. Burroughs or Hansi Rüdi Giger would thrive. The artist himself however prefers to refer to more obscure names as Martin Gore, Bobby Beausoleil, Joe Meek, Michel Foucault, Stefan Georg, and the satanic minister Steven Johnson Leyba. This last one is also responsible for the artwork of the Mille Plateaux LP. Each of the images features a hypnotic insight into the dark underworld, a phantasmagoric surreal representation of Georgio ‘The Dove’ Valentino and Chuck Berry. Read More »