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Quentin Jones brings ‘The Fractured and the Feline’ to London’s Vinyl Factory


Artist and surrealist tastemaker Quentin Jones is set to exhibit her latest work at The Vinyl Factory in London as of November 19. If it’s anything near her spread for Adult Magazine earlier, the audience is in for a sordid yet playful treat. Talking to Dazed & Confused about her exhibition, Jones spoke about her collab with talented set designer Robert Storey and how her unique aesthetic is shaking up both the fashion and art industry: “Robert designs spatially for film and editorial, and also for physical spaces. But for me, it is so cool that he is building houses for my work that contains his work within it. The film rooms we are building will play animations that will reflect around the room on mirrors so the viewer really walks into the film, with the sound that Peter Duffy has edited together for me echoing around them in 3D space.”

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Accidental Collages by Lisa Sorgini


Lisa Sorgini is an Australian photographer who also dabbles in collage art. For this series called ‘Food Stamps’ she paired old National Geographic pictures with items of food from her kitchen, creating a humorous and playful series which she describes as ‘an accidental collage project’. She says: “These serendipitously came together to create a series of images with renewed and implied meaning.”

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Engineered Garments Makes Wavy Uniforms for the Ramen Gods at Ippudo New York


Combining the best of both worlds of Japanese garments and Japanese food, Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki has given the crew at Ippudo Japanese Ramen Brasserie in New York a makeover. Instead of the typical all-white or all-black waiters uniform, the restaurant staff are now dressed in a stylish apron-jacket hybrid combo in navy. The collab started out as a simple cotton twill jacket, but thanks to valuable suggestions from the Ramen master Fumihiro Kanagae, the project transformed into a more complex and heavy-duty jacket packing style and functionality. These pieces of re-envisioned workwear are now also being sold at Ippudo’s Midtwon location on 51st Street, priced at approximately $300 USD for the jacket and an extra $100 USD for the apron.

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Art, Illustration

Bold Illustrations by Jaya Nicely


L.A. based illustrator Jaya Nicely has a passion for bold colours which she applies with pencil on paper, resulting in neat and intriguing works of art. She works on various commissioned works, but also brought personal projects like ‘Real Houses with made up stories’ that is a zine of drawings of houses she finds in the streets and for which she devises completely fictional families to inhabit them. She also worked on a food-inspired magazine called ‘Compound Butter Magazine‘. More on her Tumblr.

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Art, Culture

Ai Weiwei takes over Alcatraz with porcelain bouquets

Ai Weiwei, Blossom, 2014 (installation detail, Alcatraz Hospital)

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei is currently exhibiting on Alcatraz, the notorious island in the bay of San Francisco that was used as a military fortress and federal penitentiary for criminals by the likes of Alphonse ‘Al’ Capone. Amongst a large body of work specifically created for Alcatraz is ‘Blossom’, which the artist installed in several of the hospital ward cells and medical offices. It consist of intricately detailed encrustations of ceramic flowers that blossom out of toilets, sinks and tubs once used by hospitalized prisoners.

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