Shai Langen covers bodies in liquid latex

Chimera 1

Shai Langen graduated in Product Design from the HKU, Utrecht School of Arts. His graduation project, entitled ‘Chimera’, is a collection of materials made from latex, coinciding with a film that looks into a future in which the human body is cultivated and grown. Watch the video below.

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Hop Into Bed vs. Dive Into Madness – The Choice is Yours

15_Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt_The world is your stage©

We know it for sure: life is only awesome for those who live spontaneously and in the moment. That’s why Converse invites us to steer away from the daily rut and for once ignore all rules to choose an exciting, impromptu path. With a campaign entitled ‘Sneakers Would’ and taglines such as “Take Out The Trash vs. Trash The Hotel Room – The Choice is Yours”, Converse offers web-surfers (and crowd surfers for that matter) a month filled with live music galore through an innovative and interactive platform called ‘The Ticket’. Download the free browser extension now and witness your run-of-the-mill banners transform in daily opportunities to gain entrance to provocative live streaming gigs.

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Design, Fashion, Technology

Opening Ceremony and Intel unwrap wearable tech bracelet


They used to be a novelty, but wearables seem to have entered mainstream lately. Unfortunately, 99% of those high-tech devices lack in beautiful design. That is until Opening Ceremony decides to give it a go. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim commissioned Intel for the technical side of the MICA, short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. It is a ‘smart accessory’ in the shape of the archetypical large Opening Ceremony bracelet, studded with jewels and wrapped in snakeskin while featuring a curved touchscreen display.

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Music, People

Interview with Charli XCX


By Atlantic Records (UK) (James Dillon) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

After laying the groundwork by writing songs and performing at raves from the age of 14, Charli XCX first conquered the blogosphere and tumblr universe before gaining public awareness with her notable collaboration with Iggy Azaelia on ‘Fancy’ – despite an excellent first album ‘True Romance’ released in 2013. We had the chance to have a chat with her about her new album that’s coming out in October, David Bowie, and seeing colours in music.

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GAP’s ‘Dress Normal’ receives a cinematic touch


We already talked about GAP’s AW14 campaign that urges us to ‘dress normally’, in an attempt to capitalize on the normcore movement (that might not be a movement). The brand now added David Fincher to the mix by commissioning four short films that show beautiful people in a series of brief, awkward situations filmed in a black and white noir style. Accompanied by taglines such as “dress like no one’s watching,” “simple clothes for you to complicate,” and “the uniform of rebellion and conformity,” we see a girl dancing on a golf course, a couple making out, and a young woman taking off her pants in a car. The plots are equally confusing as visually mesmerizing, but beneath it all, GAP is just trying to convince us that we have to simplify our wardrobes because our lives are already too complicated. Have a look at them after the break.

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