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Colombian artist Marcello Castellani explores the relationship between photos and pixels


Colombian artist and digital designer Marcello Castellani researches various techniques in his pieces in order to find his own unique style one day. Still training, he works with illustration, acrylics or pencils, while his job as a digital designer has urged him to question the relationship between pixel and photography. This exploration led Castellani to his first solo exhibition ‘Hilados (Spun)’, in which he deconstructs photos into pixels, resulting in him spilling paint onto canvas to make it look like threads.

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Sext better with these NSFW holiday emoji


After bringing us NSFW sex emoji, Flirtmoji now gets into the holiday spirit. Their website now has a holiday and Winter themed pack, featuring a penis menorah, humping reindeer, and a couple getting it on under the pine. Katy McCarthy, one of two artists behind the idea, told The Verge that “to pass our test, the drawings have to be sex-positive.” The team has now come up with an extension pack reflecting the holidays in “the weird and wonderful ways we celebrate December holidays.” These are definitely worth checking out if you want to inject your consensual sexting with a bit of holiday spirit. Flirtmoji’s holiday pack is now available here.

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Celebrate the underrated art of skateboarding filmmaking


Skateboarding and filmmaking have been longtime friends from Spike Jonze’s legendary ‘Video Days’ (1991) to his ultra polished ‘Pretty Sweet’ released in 2012, and many other classic skateboarding films. Despite the fact that skateboarding has something intrinsically cinematic about it, there’s often a lack of appreciation how much skill and talent there is behind the camera of skateboarding videos – outside the tightly guarded world of skateboarding. Skate filmmaker and photographer Kyle Camarillo has created this short vid to fill that void. In this piece we see Miles Silvas and Jack Curtin surfing the raw concrete of San Fran, elegantly bombing the hills in high definition.

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Tyler Shields is not one to shy away from controversy


Tyler Shields (born April 29, 1982) is an American photographer, film director and writer, best known for his controversial works with celebrities. His work often involves images of violence and splattered blood: for his Life Is Not a Fairytale exhibition in L.A., he collected blood from 20 celebrities. He also photographed Lindsay Lohan as a vampire for that exhibit. In 2010, he photographed the actress her in his studio, holding a gun. The same year, the photographer appeared to stage the “shooting” of a partygoer at the release party for his book Collisions, as a homage to Fluxus artist Piero Manzoni and in imitation of 70s Los Angeles performance artist John Duncan along with a student in the department of New Genres at UCLA in the 1990s. Read More »

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Clothing brand Moose Knuckles goes into Winter foreplay


The concept of ‘Winter’ has different meanings in different places. In Los Angeles, for example, it’s a few months of slightly colder temperatures that sometimes have you searching for a jacket in the back of your closet. In Canada, on the other hand, it requires a wardrobe existing of layers of layers. ‘Winter Is Coming’ can either mean a pleasant hiatus from perpetual heat or a struggle against the unrelenting natural elements and with it the anguish that defines your very existence. The second meaning is one that Canadian clothing brand Moose Knuckle knows best – the label sells high quality winter outerwear – and it’s something they illustrate in their latest web ad, ‘Winter Is Coming’.

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