Discover Jack White’s interactive three-in-one music video


Jack White’s latest music video for his new track ‘The Black Bat Licorice’ offers three full music videos simultaneously. Looking for a more varied viewing experience the interactive video offers three alternative viewings. Press play on the video below and either sit back patiently to watch the dark and cool animation directed by James Blagden in which a cartoon version of Jack White hangs out with Nefertiti – and among other activities, chops off his tongue – or get bored and press and hold the “3” button to watch a real-life version of Jack White do something similar, although less graphic. The third option is to hold the “B” button and watch a bunch of people head-banging in a yard – something that is excessively more entertaining than it seems at first sight.  Read More »

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The sparkling trilogy Jewels by the Dutch National Ballet

Dutch National Ballet - Jewels

The sparkling trilogy ‘Jewels’ from choreographer George Balanchine premiered last week. For this ballet Balanchine got inspired by the beauty of the jewels that were displayed in the windows of New York’s finest jewelers back in the days. ‘Jewels’ is completely abstract, even called the first full-length abstract ballet. The masterpiece features three independent acts that are linked by the common theme of gemstones ‘Emeralds’, ‘Rubies’ and ‘Diamonds’. While ‘Emeralds’ is all about romance in Paris, ‘Rubies’ has passion, intensity, and playfulness energy. The “wow factor” of this part makes Rubies the most successful one out of three. No wonder why it is often performed independently. The final part, ‘Diamonds’, feels like a white fairy tale.

After the premiere we sat down with Edo Wijnen, one of the dancers of the Dutch National Ballet. Edo started at the young age of 10 and got admitted to the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp where he studied for more than 6 years. When he joined the Prix de Lausenne competition in 2009 he met Ted Brandsen, artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet. Ted convinced him to join the National Ballet and so he did 5 years ago. Edo told us more about ‘Jewels’ and his career as a ballet dancer.

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Jump From Paper creates these seemingly two-dimensional Cartoon Bags


These simple, bright and colourblocked bags by Taiwanese brand Jump From Paper are designed to look like two-dimensional cut-outs from children’s colouring books and superimposed onto fashion photos. As the brand states: “We’re a stylish accessory brand designing bags with boldness and playfulness, with an attempt to fulfil everyone’s childhood fantasy. Colourful, quirky and always with a sense of humor, JumpFromPaper stands for the passion to make laughs, and encourages people to let their imagination go wild!” Read More »

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Museum Boijmans van Beuningen questions the human condition with ‘La La La Human Steps’


The large spring exhibition ‘La La La Human Steps‘ in Museum Boijnmans van Beuningen showcases hundred works from the own collection. From recently purchased video and film installations to popular classics from the 20th century, classical modern and old masters from the collection: the museum shows work from different eras and all disciplines. All works focus on the human condition: the human deficit. Four top choreographers will be creating a unique duet for the exhibition, which will be performed only once, but recorded to film to be showcased during the exhibition.

The 1500m2 measuring Bodon halls will feature the large museum collection: from classical masters to young talent, from immense installations to small paintings, from refuting pessimism to entertaining absurdity. The curators, director Sjarel Ex and education curator Els Hoek, explain the exhibition as follows: “Looking at the collection, you’ll see that artists from all eras and all disciplines have made very personal images of the world. In a way these images are connected to each other at a deeper level.”

The museum will experiment by commissioning four choreographers to make a duet inspired by the exhibition. In the middle of the exhibition, there will be a dance floor for the dancers. This way dance will be a link in the exhibition through which the artworks’ environment will alter four times.

The exhibition in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Museum-Boijmans-van-Beuningen-la-human-stepsruns through May 17.

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A New Exhibition in The V&A Reflects On The Black British Experience


The Victoria & Albert Museum in London presents their latest exhibition: ‘Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience 1950s-1990s’ that runs from February 16 until May 24. The exhibition focuses on the lives of black Britons from the early 1950s until the late 1990s with work from photographers Al Vandenberg, Dennis Morris, Gavin Watson, Normski, etc.. A seven-year collaboration with the Black Cultural Archives inspired the exhibition that features an intriguing and diverse selection of photographs, predominantly shot by black photographers from their own point of view. Read More »