JD Sports, the King of Trainers, bring exclusive sneaker releases to the Netherlands


Sneakers and trainers have definitely stepped up their game these last couple of years and JD Sports is one of those chains that got them there. Recently, they have made the move from the UK to the Netherlands with several physical stores and a brand new online store.

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Thrift Store Sculptures by Sayaka Ganz


Using thrift store plastics, artist Sayaka Ganz creates works that have been influenced by her Japanese roots and the Japanese Shinto belief that “all objects and organisms have spirits.” For her, art should arise “from the passion for fitting odd shapes together and a sympathy toward discarded objects.”

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Sean Mundy


22-year-old photographer Sean Mundy finds meaning and inspiration in his subjectivity, creating impassioned images which contain a wide variety of emotion. Simplistic and allegorical, Mundy offers personal glimpses into moments of self-doubt, confusion and pain. His artwork is left open to interpretation and offers more questions than answers due to the sense of mysticism behind them.

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Plein Soleil by Anaïs Boileau


French photographer Anaïs Boileau‘s final project at ECAL is entitled ‘Plein Soleil’ and features pale, sunbathing women juxtaposed with odd, colourful Roman architecture. Documentary and fiction are mixed with irony, while a longing for exoticism seems omnipresent.

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Roosje Klap and Mathias Schweizer for Dutch literary magazine De Gids


Roosje Klap and Mathias Schweizer have collaborated on an extraordinary digital collage for Dutch literary magazine De Gids, which has been around since 1837. Their images show rooms that reference past literary voices as Baiga and Ovid, while placing erotic references in surrealist dreamscapes. The two worked together by building on each other’s work in stages. Roosje Klap herself refers to it as ‘graphic sex cadavre-exquis!’.

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