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Hot to Cold: BIG’s ‘Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation’ opens at the National Building Museum


The international design firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) returns to the National Building Museum in Washington DC with a behind-the-scenes look at its creative process. The exhibition titled “HOT TO COLD: an odyssey of architectural adaptation” takes its audience from the coldest to the hottest parts of our planet to explore how BIG’s design solutions are shaped by their climatic and cultural contexts. Over 60 three-dimensional models will be suspended from the second-floor balconies of the Museum’s historic Great Hall. 20 of these projects will be premiered and each project is interpreted through Iwan Baan‘s photography, films by Louise Lemoine and Ila Bêka, and the Grammy Award-winning graphic artist Stefan Sagmeister’s design for the accompanying catalog by Taschen. Read More »

Art, Fashion

Pony x Baskèts x Ceizer set to launch ‘Blue Collar Kings’ triple collab


The first Dutch sneaker collab of 2015 is now a reality: New York sneaker brand PONY has teamed up with Amsterdam streetwear store Baskèts and typographic designer Pieter Ceizer for a triple collab, which appropriately consists of three products. The concept behind the collaboration is ‘Blue Collar Kings’, a reference to the blue collar workers who used to live in the Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam, which is also where Baskèts opened up its first store. Blue is the dominant colour, which we see on a pair of PONY City Wings, a varsity jacket and a crewneck sweater.  Read More »

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Boom-Art draws inspiration from classical paintings for triptych surfboard series


France based skateboard company Boom-Art has collaborated with UWL Surfboards – one of the most renowned surf manufacturers in Europe – to realise a series of limited edition surfboards. The two sets of collectors items are inspired by European art history. The first one is called ‘The Lady and the Unicorn’ and is a series of six tapestries that were woven in Flanders from wool and silk, based on designs drawn in Paris around 1500. The second is called ‘The Garden of Earthly Delight’ and is based on a three-fold painting by the early Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch. Each surfboard in the collection is handmade in France, made from polysester resin and hand shaped polyurethane foam. All of the boards are individually numbered out of an edition of only 10, retailing at €1,890 per board or €5,600 for a set of three. Read More »

Music, Video

L.A. based singer SOKO loses herself in ‘Ocean Of Tears’


French musician Stéphanie Alexandra Mina Sokolinski aka SOKO (who was also the voice of Isabella in Spike Jonze’s film ‘Her’) has shared a music video for her latest single ‘Ocean Of Tears’, a second track off her upcoming second album ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’. It’s the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2012 debut album ‘I Thought I Was an Alien’ and will be released through indie label Because on March 2. In the video we see a fuzzed-out SOKO drowned in a sea of donuts and bunny heads. Explaining the inspiration behind the song and accompanying video, the Los Angeles based grunge pop singer-songwriter explains: “I’m actually pretty straight-edge. I had never had weed until I was 27. My friends were making fun of me for being such a square, so I started writing music while smoking every now and then. I wrote ‘Ocean Of Tears’ completely stoned out of my mind.”

The same logic applies to the video in which she stages a grainy, psychedelic day in the life recorded with a Fisher Price VHS camera from the 1980s. “I wanted to lose control, lose a sense of self, and just have fun,” she says. Partner in crime was director Nina Ljeti – whose second film will feature SOKO – with whom she headed to friends’ houses to shoot donuts, bunnies, and swimming pools. Watch the result below, which came with a big hangover for the singer: “It actually took me a week to recover because my body is so not used to it!” she reveals.

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Air Plant Jellyfish by Cathy van Hoang


Air plants or Tillandsia in their scientific naming are one of the most forgiving to grow, even for people with a habit of neglecting their gardening duties. For Long Beach, California-based photographer, art director and designer Cathy van Hoang, these air plants were a solution for her ‘black thumb’ and ever since she translated her love for these low-maintenance plants into the creation of unique air plant sculptures placed within sea urchin shells that look like colourful jellyfish. Van Hoang calls her creations ‘petit beasts’ which inspired the name of her Etsy shop. In talking to Dearest Nature she explains how the idea came about: The idea of turning air plants into jellyfish was an accidental one. I had the right ingredients to make them from the start. Sales really started to pick up and I was running out of space, so I started to hang them from the ceiling and voila. All of the positive responses I’ve been getting from people makes me very happy. I’m really glad that people are able to relate to them.” Van Hoang sees her creations – that bear shells painted in hues of teals, magentas and gold – as ‘pets’ that she “adopts, cares for, raises, and then sends out into the world.”  Read More »