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Nick Cave has his own official skateboard now


Music icon Nick Cave has teamed up with Melbourne skate company Fast Times to make a skateboard. The result of the collaboration is called the Fast Times x Nick Cave cruiser deck, featuring images from the San Francisco artist Chuck Sperry and lyrics from the Bad Seeds’ Abbatoir Blues song ‘Nature Boy’. The promotional video below shows the skateboarders in action, set to the score of ‘Nature Boy’.

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Gloomy, surreal photography by Gabriel Isak


Born in Huskvarna, Sweden in 1990, photographer Gabriel Isak received his first camera from his father. A small compact camera that he used to document life around him. Little did he know, this early gift would form his future and the way he would communicate with the world. Photography quickly turned into a passion where je would uses himself as the subject, creating art that would depict reality as he perceives it. Through his creative work, he expresses his vision of ‘being’ by creating surreal scenes with the use of digital techniques. His objective is to bring his experiences to life in a way that’s relatable to others. He is currently residing in San Francisco where he is pursuing his dream as a photographer at Academy of Art University. Between surrealism, minimalism and dark romanticism, he stages people hidden by hair, make-up, fabric and water. The result is gloomy while maintaining a mysterious and aesthetic outlook.

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These projection based installations by Pablo Valbuena illuminate architecture


Spanish based artist Pablo Valbuena aims at changing how we see architecture with his projection based installation art. He mainly works in spacious, deserted places that are ideal for his bright white light to fleetingly live on the walls. His works are typically arranged to respond to the existing architectural structure. The audience’s relationship to the space changes as the geometric light projections shift from piece to piece. His latest work is called ‘Kinematope’ and was installed in the Parisian train station Gare d’Austerlitz. As the public made its way through the tunnels, the projected light flooded each section one by one. Each flash of light was accompanied by a clicking sound that gradually became more intense (as did the light flashes) until the entire tunnel was filled by light. Immediately after, the tunnel went pitch black. The videos below reflect the hypnotic and disorienting nature of the installation. Valbuena says he’s interested in exploring perception while blurring the boundaries between physical and imagined spaces.

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Ring in the new year with these flower petal fireworks by Sarah Illenberger


Berlin based artist Sarah Illenberger has created this photo series of flowers arranged like fireworks to ring in the new year. Tiny buds of colourful plant life, exploding petals of vibrant blossoms and strands of green stems hover above what looks like a dark night sky. ‘Fireworks’ has been photographed by Sabrina Rynas, and is a reimagination of the dramatic light show that takes place all over the world when a new year has just started.

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This defunct bunker has been transformed into a holiday home


This former bunker located in the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie in Fort Vuren, the Netherlands was transformed by Belgian architecture studio B-ILD. The original idea was to convert it temporarily as a promotional stunt for the Dutch client Famous. The project was so successful, however, that they decided to rent it out as a leasable holiday home. The 3m by 3m space concealed within the thick concrete walls of the historically protected structure left not a lot of flexibility, so the renovation boasted a fair amount of ingenuity. Many of the original features were kept, such as the rusting steel door frames and the tiny windows.  The interior was fitted with custom wooden fixtures that serve various functions: the living room can be transformed into a dining room, when stools become steps and side tables with operable cabinets transform the volumetric feeling of the interior. To make up for the lack of space, an exterior wooden deck was added in the exact dimensions as the footprint of the bunker. The wooden planks of that deck bear the same dimensions as those used in the form work to pour the concrete stronghold. The deck functions as a cooking, hosting and even storage area all the while offering panoramic views of the bunker’s picturesque surroundings.

as the space is relatively small, usable space is extended onto an exterior wooden deck with the exact dimensions as the footprint of the bunker. the wooden planks that make up the deck are the same dimensions as those used in the form work to pour the concrete stronghold. it can be used for cooking, hosting, and even storage, offering panoramic views of the picturesque landscape.

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