Art, Photography

Ghost Photographs


Little paintings on found photographs by Angela Deane.

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Music, Video

DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down for What


Dan Scheinert and Dan Kwan (director duo DANIELS) have released a hilarious masterpiece for Dj Snake and Lil Jon’s song ‘Turn Down For What’.

Art, Photography

The Illusions Issue by Greg Barth


Photographer Greg Barth plays with perspectives and objects to create mind-boggling, surreal images that aren’t photoshopped. Read More »

Design, Music, Video



AUDFIT is a dance costume that precisely reads the movement and position of the dancer’s body using motion detectors and accelerometers designed by Krystian Klimowski. Data that is thus provided is converted in real time into sounds. The audience listens to the music created from the dancers movement through the headphones (Silent Disco headphones sets), with a choice of three CB radio channels, each expressing the sound in a completely different manner.

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Art, Illustration

Shame on Me


In her seris ‘Shame on Me’, artist Samantha Wall explores the inner self and exposes the resulting internal negotiations.

Forces like feelings, aims, coercion and cravings establish how we create interpersonal relationships and position ourselves in the world. Yet, reflective emotions such as embarrasment, indignity and haughtiness provide opportunities for self-reflection which could expose these internal mechanisms. Read More »