Photographer Marc Tule pours latex over household items


After 20 years of capturing products for companies such as Sony, Intel, Nest and Logitech, California-based photographer Marc Tule opted for once to forget his “obsession for perfection” and shoot this creative series titled ‘Latex’, in which he pours latex over miniature cars, fruit, shoes, bags, etc. – resulting in a highly detailed, glossy, monochrome finish. “The series has a flawless aesthetic that cleverly distances itself from its audience. This distance allows viewers to absorb every rubber covered detail.” – Marc Tule

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48 hours with Ron Jeremy


Despite being almost 60 years old, Ron Jeremy remains one of the most instantly recognizable faces in the adult entertainment industry. Recently Ron went to Sydney to promote a new rum that bears his name, so filmmakers Ingvar Kenne and Cameron Gray decided to follow him for 48 hours – with unlimited access. In just five minutes, the film gives a mesmerizing insight into our attitudes towards fame, fun, sex and celebrities. We see Ron signing boobs and taking shots, but we also watch him play the harmonic or hear him talk about his love for nature, foraging for berries and leaves which he uses to make different kinds of tea. He comes across as a charismatic figure, with a nice turn of phrase. As an homage to his nickname ‘The Hedgehog’, the short film is titled “The Hedgehog & The Foxes“. Watch it below.

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NONOTAK lets the audience of TETEM play with their own shadows

Nonotak Horizon Christina Bakuchava02

Since last Thursday, TETEM Art Space is exhibiting the latest installation by NONOTAK. The audiovisual piece of art plays with space, sound, light and the shadows of its audience. NONOTAK studio operates out of Paris and is a team effort between illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect/musician Takami Nakamoto. The duo plays with the relationship between the audience and our perception of space, sound and light. NONOTAK’s latest audiovisual installation HORIZON draws its inspiration from a teaser video for Takami’s debut EP ‘Opacity’. The installation consists of over 60 LED bars that converse with the space in which it is installed and our perception. The installation is on show until February 2 of next year.

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A Body of Work by Polly Penrose


Polly Penrose, a photographer based out of London, presents the on-going series ‘A Body of Work’ in which she explores her own changing body as it ages. Seven years ago, she started the project, documenting key moments in her life – from her engagement to her pregnancy to motherhood. Each image entails an intuitive response to her surroundings, and a visual representation of her trying to fit into the confines of her physical space. The physically challenging nature of her photos don’t leave much room for feelings, although over time they became a record of her mental state at that moment. More of her self-portraits below and the rest of her series here.

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Review: Big Bad Wolves – Quentin Tarantino’s best film of 2013


Endorsed by Quentin Tarantino as the best film of 2013, Big Bad Wolves from Israeli directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado has big shoes to fill – and is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD. Dropping a name like Tarantino’s is bound to draw a lot of attention to your film, but the question remains whether Big Bad Wolves succeeds in delivering.

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