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Billboards by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel


In the 1970s and 80s, two guys set out to alter billboards with obscure images they made themselves. Their names? Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. Their images often had no meaning, but were meant to mock advertising. They could be considered pioneers of street art. The duo published a book titled ‘Evidence’. It’s one of the most influential books on the subject of the use of found images. Read More »


First complete solo exhibition for fashion designer Marga Weimans


From 15th June until 30th November, the Groninger Museum presents Marga Weimans’ first complete solo exhibition. Born in 1970 in Rotterdam, Weimans is one of the most striking designers today. The museum has been following Weimans since graduating and has gradually collected pieces, while systematically exhibiting small shows. This exhibition is an overview of both her early and recent work. Read More »

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INTIMACY 2.0: the dress that turns see-through when aroused


The latest by design firm Studio Roosegaarde is a dress so high-tech it lets others know when you’re turned on. Meet INTIMACY 2.0. Read More »

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My Life in Videodrone – Vanessa Matic


Discover Vanessa Matic’s latest after the break. Read More »


Invasive Ants by Rafael Gómezbarros


Since 2007, sculptor Rafael Gómezbarros has brought his terrifying yet amusing swarm of giant ants to public buildings of his native Columbia. Each of the 1300 ants are over 2 feet in length made of fiberglass resin, fabric, and branches.

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