Franck Bohbot takes us to Atlantic City in neon decay


Photographer Franck Bohbot, born in France and living in New York, shoots public spaces with a keen eye for the cinematic. His explorations of deserted cinemas, parks and more often than not desolate Manhattan streets are balanced between fiction and documentary. The following series was shot in Atlantic City with its beachfront amusements, snow cones, funnel cake and salt water taffy. Set in a saturated twilight overwhelmed by neon, his photos take a trip through the memory lane of family seaside vacations. Read More »

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Hype x The Simpsons Release Their Streetwear Collaboration At Topman


The Simpsons, one of the most instantly recognisable characters in pop culture from the last two decades, have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary with a collaboration with London street wear brand Hype that will be available at Topman. The vibrant collection consists of T-shirts, sweats, hats and bottoms in a savvy combination of brand placement and minimalist design. Each piece features the best bits of The Simpsons, from the bright yellow to the more complex patterns in the Itchy & Scratchy sweats. There’s a bit for everyone in it, for those who love to clash styles to those who want to keep it subtle with a single piece that expresses their love for the animated series. The entire collection is unisex and our favourites are the long-sleeved Krusty Burger or Kwik E Mart shirts. Read More »

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Agi & Sam draw inspiration from childhood for their Fall 2015 collection


Fashion label Agi & Sam are known for colourful prints and bringing the tradition of tailored menswear into a new era. Their coats are seemingly ripped apart and deconstructed, fastened in a desultory manner – with Velcro. Furthermore, some of the Agi & Sam models in their runway show are seen in strange Lego masks that look like weird outgrowths. The inspiration came from their childhood as Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton explained: “We wanted to enjoy what we are doing, make fun and playful clothing, and here it’s almost as if the wearer can build their own clothing. Read More »

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Andi Galdi Vinko’s explosion of hair and glitter


Photographer Andi Galdi Vinko from Hungary has a MA in Art History and has created the series below in close collaboration with make-up artists and hair stylist to create a blast of glitter, naked bodies and hair extensions. “I usually only work with hairstylists and makeup artists when it comes to commissioned projects and usually our hands are tied and we can’t go crazy. Here, we had no rules to follow, no client and no demands,” explains Galdi Vinko. The models were covered in glitter and hair sprouts from unexpected areas. The series is more intimate than it seems at first because the photographer draws inspiration from hidden knowledge: “It’s a playful observation on how glitter and rainbow makes everything different, or at least that’s what we are supposed to think, right? This whole new feminism is about being naked and proud of your body – but isn’t it all for the joy of men again?” Her portraits and still-lifes have gained international recognition in recent years, including an exhibition at this year’s Photoville, in New York.

Find more of her work on her Tumblr and Instagram. Read More »

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BLEND\BUREAUX brings back ‘wallvertising’ with Warsteiner X Ceizer


Premium beer label Warsteiner has collaborated with the Dutch artist Pieter Ceizer. The Paris based artist is specialized in typography, has his own art & design studio (Studio Ceizer) in Amsterdam and already owns a lifestyle brand. Creative agency BLEND\BUREAUX wants to bring back the art of ‘wallvertising’ and started this collaboration last year.

This project is inspired by the old New York phenomenon of painted advertisements on the sides of buildings. These advertisements, also called ghost signs or fading ads, that remained over time can still be found all over the world. Nowadays advertisers usually put up huge billboard campaigns with unreal features. Because of it’s authenticity wallvertising is becoming more popular every day. And whom other than Pieter Ceizer should one ask to let his creativity speak on these walls? He is the king of typography and creative writing.

Various walls in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been treated with a unique design to bring back the remains of urban life. The designs can be found on walls of well known locations like café PIEK (Rotterdam) the Ruyschkamer (Amsterdam) and the We Are Labels boutique in the Pijp (Amsterdam). Expect unexpected wordplays that communicate the core of Warsteiner’s identity, such as ‘the biggest small family brewery’. Warsteiner aims to support the comeback of wallvertising because it represents craftsmanship and centralizes the artist. With every mural project Ceizer adds a special touch by referring to the identity and personality of the owners of the specific bar of shop. The combination of this authentic art form and Ceizer’s distinctive style makes every mural special. With this project Warsteiner proves it’s interest in supporting and acknowledging young and upcoming artists and taking them to the next level in their career.

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