Art, Nature

Flower Sculptures by Carl Kleiner


Artist Carl Kleiner from Sweden makes these beautiful compositions in which flowers play an essential role. From personal series such as ‘Postures’ and ‘Studies From Spring’ in collaboration with Andrew Stellitano to commissioned work for brands such as Sergio Rossie and ‘Fragrance Pyramids’ for Chanel n°5), Kleiner creates meticulously structured artworks in which flowers seem to move, blossom, dance, stretch, and twist.

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Girlfriends by Pati Gagarin


Pati Gagarin is a self-taught photographer from Spain who actually studies to become a building engineer. Shooting photos however is her real passion that she constantly pursuits. This series called ‘Girlfriends’ emphasizes females and their behaviour. Exploring femininity and everything that involves this, she shoots her friends wearing flying skirts and tempting underwear, behaving in the ways that have always been and will always be equally attractive and mysterious to the opposite sex.

Find her on Flickr and Instagram.

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Blend Selects: Kantor


From November 14 to 16, the vacant building of De Sloot Office in Amsterdam  will be filled with a startling mix of music, performance, art & technology during the second edition of Kantor – The official cultural takeover. Driven by their passion for the creative industries, creative agencies PUP and Paardenkracht have joined forces with over 40 artists and collectives as well as renowned institutions including Eye, the national Opera & Ballet and Boijmans van Beuningen. For three days, the four floors of this tenantless property will fill up with creative excitement, including a cinema, theater, restaurant, gallery and live performances. BLEND has made a selection of the best installations Kantor has on offer.
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Nostalgia-fuelled paintings by Alex Roulette


Born in Columbus, Ohio and now living and working in NYC, Alex Roulette is a painter of quiet moments. By researching, observing, questioning and ultimately drawing conclusions, he paints landscapes that explore the semi-nostalgic setting of the suburbs. His hazy atmospheres allow for self reflection on times when things were less complicated. He depicts teenage hikes, silent meetings, stormy nights, etc.. His work shows meticulous details while his technique reminds us of the Old Master paintings from the 16th and 17th century. His skill and talent for crafting narratives make up for the possible lack in innovation in technique.

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Culture, Design, Technology

This punching bag computer requires a full-body workout for typing a word


We’ve all encountered these moments of frustration in which we wanted to punch our computer – or slam it to the ground and throw it out of a window. Those who recognise this might appreciate this new keyboard. The designers behind it replaced every single letter with a punching bag, so you have to kick or body slam it out of them if you want to write something. This ‘workoutcomputer’ found its origin in the alternatives to our sedentary work lives, already seen in standing desks or cycling desks. “We were inspired by personal needs for physical activity during daytime, and back pain in the evening after a full office day in front of the computer,” argue designers Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss from European design studio Bless.

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