Illustration, Video

Cream Tease


Discover a steamy animation by Seed Animation Studio entitled ‘Cream Tease’ after the break. It’s a 2D film set in the 80s during the height of a hot of summer It’s a provoking series of moving images leading up to a summer twist that will cool you off. Innuendo galore.

Fashion, Video

Debut: Ine & Sanne


Amsterdam creative duo Ine & Sanne present their DEBUT video, a search for something better in a cold and clinic, black and white atmosphere. Abstract binoculars teleport the viewer to a lucid, coloured world. The video is supported by an electro-pop soundtrack and a creative team starring WE MAKE CARPETS, Maite Catti, Meike Sier, Maaike Fransen and Lucy McRae.

Ine & Sanne are foremost designers and concept artists who harmonize all aspects of film, fashion and design to inspire the audience with aesthetic and powerful videos. The two have previously worked on projects for Zarb, furniture store De Intuïtiefabriek and a music video for Bombay Show Pig.


Conceptual photography by Faber Franco


Colombian photographer Faber Franco plays with hidden characters that reveal themselves along the way, but only in part. His dreamy and melancholy images are juxtaposed with playful elements and surreal settings. Most of his photos are self-portraits. More of his work on Flickr.

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James Ostrer: Wotsit All About


British artist James Ostrer became addicted to junk food when his parents divorced during his childhood. Whenever he switched from his mother’s home to his father’s, they’d stop at McDonald’s. Those golden arches soon became a gateway to refuge and eating fastfood became Ostrer’s way of dealing with things. His series ‘Wotsit All About’ translates his greasy habit into art, taking the age old adage ‘you are what you eat’ very literally. Head over to London’s Gazelli Art Gallery to see the result of Ostrer turning himself and his friends into human sculptures made of food. Read More »

Illustration, Nature

25 illustrators aim to save the honeybee with Beetopia


The Honey Club from London – a partnership between social enterprise Urban Bees, brand consultancy Wolff Olins, and youth charity The Global Generation – aims to “build the largest bee-friendly network in the world”. They do this because bees are essential to our well-being: honeybees pollinate a third of the produce consumed in Europe. Yet today, the world’s bee population is declining quickly and it’s vital to support beekeeping communities.

They Honey Club trains beekeepers, organizes urban gardening programs, and hosts eductional events. Their latest project is Beetopia, an exhibition taking place at London’s Guardian Gallery, featuring bee-themed work from 25 European illustrators. They were asked to create pieces that show harmonious or optimal relationships between people and bees. The works are currently being auctioned off for charity online.

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