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Now everyone can wear the exclusive Looong Sleeve by Antoine Peters


After being exhibited at ‘The Future of Fashion is Now’ at Museum Booijmans van Beuningen the ‘Looong Sleeve’ by Antoine Peters is now ready to wear. The sweater is exclusively available for pre-order on

The Looong Sleeve is obviously characterized by it long sleeves; more than 130 meters to be precisely. But for everyone’s convenience Antoine Peters decided to shorten the sleeves a little bit. It does have extra long sleeves, with thumbholes and exciting little details. The pattern of this unisex sweater is hand drawn by Antoine and the typographic slogan ‘Ceci N’est Pas Un Sweater’ is embroidered on the best quality of Italian heavy weight cotton. As from today it’s possible to pre-order this unique sweater. Once there are 50 pieces in pre-order the sweater will be taken into production. The sweater will be made in Europe and accompanied by a hand signed and numbered certificate.

The Looong Sleeve is created in 2014 as one of Peters many ‘space garment’ projects. With this projects clothing and the space around it blend together. One of his other space garments is the Wooden Floor Dress, made in 2013. According to Peters these projects enlarge the way he thinks and works. He likes to play with perception and the space around the garment is just as important as the piece of clothing itself. “It’s all about interaction and communication” he stated.

Antoine’s mission is to enhance optimism in fashion and his universe is about spreading a little smile. He hopes to make fashion and art lovers smile with this unique sweater.

Pre-order the ‘Looong Sleeve’ now on



Antoine Peters



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Use these miniature glass cabinets from Urban Jungles to showcase beauty


Challenged by the idea of how to showcase beautiful things in the most elegant and simple way, the creators behind Dutch design company Urban Jungles decided to make a miniature glass cabinet. Geometrical lines and organic shapes come together in these Urban Jungles that can be used to showcase plants, figurines, or something you found on the beach while taking a stroll. Made from glass and solder, the Urban Jungles come in five different models. Each order includes a bag of grit and potting soil, challenging each buyer to be creative and furnishing it according to your own taste. Urban Jungles is based on the idea that placing something behind glass makes it more beautiful and unique.

Prices for the Urban Jungles range from €69 to €119 and can be bought here. Read More »

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Elkebana: the first botanical wall trophy


Elkebana is the first wall trophy suitable for the veganist lifestyle. Inspired by ‘ikebana’, the ancient art of harmonious floral compositions that originated in Japan, Elkebana challenges the idea of traditional wall mounts. Designed by Fabio Milito and developed by Paula Studio, Elkebana was inspired by the idea to make personalised wall arrangements for botanical enthusiasts. After the concept photos of the project went viral with over 10.000 likes, the collaborative team decided to make it a reality and put it into production. “Elkebana is the first trophy for plant lovers. You just need flowers and imagination,” explains designer Fabio Milito. Read More »


Sesame Street parodies House of Cards


The third season of House of Cards, Netflix’s successful political drama series will be released in full this Friday. With just a few days to go, Sesame Street, another pop-culture institution, has made an educational parody of the show. In the short film, we see ‘Frank Underwoolf’ – with a Southern drawl of which Kevin Spacey (who won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama series) would be jealous – intent on getting himself into the White Brick House that is inhabited by a piglet. Huffing and puffing through all the other Washington houses, this parody manages to reference the show without all of the intrigue, sex, and death that is featured in the original. Sesame Street is a kids show after all. Complete with Frank Underwood’s sovereign ring and the threatening texts he sends to those he wants to intimidate, Mr. Underwoolf eventually makes it into the White House. But, as we expect from the upcoming season, the piggies will try anything to trick him and bring down his precious house.

House of Cards will be on Netflix Friday 27th February. Read More »

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Downton LA Lovers by Vanessa Matic


Vanessa Matic is back with a new, sultry poem set in downtown Los Angeles. Read her previous work here and read her new poem ‘Downtown LA Lovers’ below. Read More »