The World’s Largest Collection Of Pizza Boxes


Online delivery service Hungry House has teamed up with Scott Weiner, author of best seller ‘Viva La Pizza’ and proprietor of the world’s largest collection of pizza boxes, to curate a unique exhibition that showcases 100 of the most bizarre pizza boxes from all over the planet. The New York based enthusiast has collected over 750 pieces and has now brought a small slice of his collection to East London. The exhibition has systematically been classified into categories such as pizza box portraiture, scenery, hi-tech, interactive designs, and presumed ‘classics’. Weiner started his collection in 2008 when he came across a particularly artistic pizza box in Italy. Ever since, his collection has grown to Guinness World Record size, receiving the award in 2013.

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Graphic Design, Illustration

Hypnotizing digital line portraits by Patrick Seymour


Montreal based artist Patrick Seymour creates these hypnotizing illustrations with the help of computer graphic tools. Light effects, lines and curves come together in digital, mesmerizing portraits of humans and animals such as lions, foxes and deer. More after the break.

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Fashion, Video

Fashion label MAISON the FAUX exclusively streams the making of their AFW collection


The Dutch fashion label MAISON the FAUX is in the midst of creating its third collection that will be premiered during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in January 2015. Titled ‘C’est Vrai ou C’est Faux?’, this new collection will explore the themes of transparency and authenticity in fashion. What is real, what is fiction and what do we want the audience to think is real? To offer a possible answer to these questions, the label has now launched a website that features of live stream of the workshop so that the public can witness the creative process from start to finish.

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Nature, Video

The world’s first drone-filmed porno is out (NSFW)


Aptly called ‘Drone Boning’, the first drone-shot porno has been released by Brooklyn film company Ghost+Cow. According to the filmmaker Braondon LaGanke, the idea saw the light of day as a light-hearted parody on surveillance culture and privacy. “The plan was to take beautiful landscapes and just put people fucking in them,” he said to Motherboard. Filmed in San Fran, the porno shows gay and straight couples fornicating in a beautiful scenery of sweeping landscapes, mountain vistas, and majestic beaches. Watch the video below; NSFW of course, but not that harmful unless the beauty of Mother Nature is your aphrodisiac.

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Design, Graphic Design

This Swedish graphic designer creates mashups of celebrity names & faces


Described as “mashups of celebrity names and faces, which make your synapses vomit”, Buffalo Bill Gates is a Tumblr page by Swedish graphic designer Kalle Mattsson. Discover his best pieces below and head over to his website for more.

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