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Made in prison, inspired by freedom | a creative campaign by Stripes Clothing


As you may have noticed BLEND\BUREAUX is a creative agency that tends to focus on the innovative things to come. This is why we would like to introduce to you Stripes Clothing. With a strong message in mind, Stripes Clothing inspired us with their actions, contrary to us inspiring others. Stripes Clothing is something completely different from all the labels we have come to know.

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Enjoy a new poem by Vanessa Matic.
Find her previous work here and read her new poem ‘Below Your Head’ below.
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Solo-Exhibition ‘SEISUI’ by Casper Faassen


Born in 1975 (Leidschendam, Netherlands) photographer and painter Casper Faassen created an early on fascination for many of the greatest painters history has come to be known. Inspired by names such as Rembrandt and Picasso have led to his own in-house atelier, where he creates marvelous pieces suspended between impressionism, realism and abstract influences. For the first time in his admirable career Faassen’s newest work titled ’SEISUI’ is now being exhibited at the Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam.

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Djojo&Versteeg photography; a visual affair of emotion and artistry

'The Venomous Vixen'

‘The Venomous Vixen’

What happens when two creative artists with different areas of expertise join forces for the sake of photography? The unique collaboration between Djojo&Versteeg results into a visual affair of emotion and artistry, showing us a truthful vulnerability.

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Wallflowers that cannot be missed


While a wallflower normally seems unpopular and shy, these wallflowers catch your eye immediately. For her latest series the young and talented photographer Sarah Kirsten Vlekke tried to let the viewer think about people who are trapped in their own surroundings. But is it the background that matches the model, or the model that matches the background?

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