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Discover how a new concert hall revitalizes the city centre of Blaibach


Revitalizing the Blaibach centre in Germany, architecture agency Peter Haimerl Architektur was commissioned to build a new concert hall called the ‘Konzerthaus Blaibach’. The hall is located next to the new community centre and is part of a completely renewed village square. The concert hall is a solitaire of concrete, featuring an inclination above the slope in the centre of the village that follows the topography and links with its granite facade in the stone carving tradition of the village.

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Classical Sculptures Revisited by Jonathan Owen

Jonathan Owen’s art is all about transformation. Whether it’s found photographs or these classical sculptures, the Scottish artist reinterprets the original work and completely alters it according to his own philosophy. His interdisciplinary work plays with the definition of authorship, much like Marcel Duchamp’s work. To create these surreal 3D pieces, he carves directly into 19th century marble busts and statues. The original sculptures came about as imitations of classical works form the Renaissance, which in turn were inspired by Ancient Greek art and mythology. Jonathan Owen adds another level of appropriation by carving the pristine bodies of Mercury and David into abstract geometric shapes using marble and wood. Mixing minimalist aesthetics and Baroque in a manner that would upset the purists.

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In the Studio with Viktor & Rolf


NOWNESS has ventured into the studio of artistic duo Viktor & Rolf and brought back the video below. The duo has often been compared to Gilbert & George, and the association is never far away: they’re performance artists who chose the fashion world as their scene, living out their wild, conceptual designs. The designers’ daily lives behind closed doors have been shrouded in mystery up til now, as we see them practicing yoga, surprising us with a beautiful rendition of ‘Babooshka’ by their favourite singer Kate Bush – all behind the doors of their historic Amsterdam mansion-turned-atelier. “Everything you see in the film is based on their daily routines,” says director Marcus Gaab, who included a tongue-in-cheek wink to The Shining.
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Philippe Starck designs a $150-a-night French ‘Urban Kibbutz’ Hotel in Hollywood


For those in L.A. who have seen the shrouded building at the corner of Selma and Wilcox no longer have to wonder what’s coming. The 1920s era structure will become part of an intense upcoming hotel boom in Hollywood. This one is in the process of becoming the nation’s first outpost of the super chic Mama Shelter brand. The chain – that has four of its five current locations in France – mixes interiors by king of the chic hotel designers, Philippe Starck, with affordable rates (starting at $150 a night) and scheduled to open in February. The chain will transform the five story building into a 76 room hostelry with restaurants on both the ground floor and the roof. Mama Shelter developer Benjamin Trigano says he envisions the hotel as an ‘urban kibbutz’, referring to the hotel’s broad appeal, its affordability, and its stylish design. “If Château Marmont had a baby, this would be it.”

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This Piece of Jewelry Beams Light Onto Your Skin


Neclumi is a necklace that beams a pattern of tiny light projections onto the wearer’s neck. According to its inventor, its presence on a jewelry blog sparked some resentment because the commenters reasoned it’s neither silver nor gold, so it wouldn’t classify as jewelry. “We have less and less of our own things,” argues Jakub Kozniewski, one of the four artists of the art collective panGenerator. “We don’t have books, we have data that lives in the cloud. We don’t have CD cases for music, it’s all streamed through Spotify. With the same logic you could stream jewelry, or treat it like software.”

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