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Up in the air with Antoine Rose

'The Beach'

‘The Beach’

Antoine Rose is a photographer that goes through great lengths to capture the perfect photograph. Obviously, he’s not one to shy away from dangerous situations to capture spectacular views, because Rose is exploring great heights to show us a world without any limitations. For his latest work ‘The Beach’, he got on a helicopter (without doors!) 300 feet up in the air to shoot his newest series of pictures.

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Solo exhibition ‘Colors of Iran’ by photographer Ali Mousavi

'Colors of Iran'

‘Colors of Iran’

Unfortunately there are many tragic and cruel sides to Iran and because of the influence of media we tend to focus only on the negative things. That’s why photographer Ali Mousavi wants to show us that there is also beauty and admiration to this Middle Eastern country. He wants to show us reality. His first solo exhibition ‘Colors of Iran’ in collaboration with creative agency Kult & Ace will have it’s grand opening on March 2o.

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REPLAY Boardroom Gallery presents pussykrew


On Thursday March 19th  REPLAY Gallery will host a mind blowing exhibition presenting the work of multidisciplinary art duo pussykrew. The  REPLAY Boardroom Gallery is a collective founded by REPLAY in collaboration with Dutch magazine Glamcult, with whom they will be hosting several exhibitions featuring rising art talent, giving them the opportunity to present their work to the public.

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Gallery Vassie houses a solo exhibition of photographer Jason Oddy

JO chairs small

Jason Oddy, photographer and writer from London, has an interest in architecture-inspired photography. Photographs that include abandoned houses or VN headquarters designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Gallery Vassie is glad to announce a solo exhibition of Oddy where you can see these photographs yourself. As from the 20th of March until the 2nd of May 2015 at the FOTOfactory exhibition space.

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One way or another, everything comes to an end. The phenomenal Mad Men’s series is coming to a close after 7 amazing seasons. Very unfortunate, but luckily the Museum of the Moving Image will house a new exhibition: Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men. It’s like Disneyland for people from the advertising industry.

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