Collage art by Tali Bayer


Collages and gifs by Tali Bayer.

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Art, Illustration

Sewn Drawings


Tennessee-based trained illustrator Jessica Wohl works in the areas of painting, drawing, installation, collage and performance. She focuses on the concept of home and its residents, aiming to prove that not everything is what it seems by drawing and sewing on family photos. This process questions the representation of domestic perfection and happiness.

The series ‘Sewn Drawing’ uses embroidery to mask the characters on found photography and Wohl sews on them to embody the metaphor of the human need to “keep it together” and prevent life from “ripping apart at the seams”.

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Art, Video

ITSU & MSAK: ‘Transcendence’


‘Transcendence’ is a realtime audiovisual performance by duo ITSU & MISAK, originating from Moscow, Russia.

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Marina Abramopug: ‘The Artist Is Present’


Meet Marina Abramopug, the pug version of Marina Abramovic we never thought we needed. Recreating ‘The Artist Is Present’ from Abramovic’s piece at the 2012 MoMA retrospective, this pug first appeared at the Serpentine Gallery in London (or rather in Hyde Park, outside the gallery) in July. Just like its human counterpart, this ‘pugformance’ artist sits in a chair and stares into the eyes of visitors, all of whom were deeply moved in an undefinable but truly spiritual manner due to Abramopug’s mere presence.

Comedian and performance artist Hannah Ballou is the pug’s partner-in-crime and says that the idea came from the pug herself.

Art, Culture, Media, Photography

Paul Kwiatkowski’s longread ‘Eat Prey Drug’


Publishing company Black Balloon sent ‘And Every Day Was Overcast’ (read our review here) author-photographer Paul Kwiatkowski to Mount Shasta, CA to investigate the volcano that some claim to be the site of Telos, a hidden city inhabited by advanced beings called Lemurians. In part one of the (NSFW) series, days of “quake fever” and morphine consumption send Paul down the rabbit hole into a civilization that believes the earth is hollow. ‘Eat Prey Drug’ is an e-original serialized essay told in a mix of photographs and prose. Keep an eye on his diary for part two of his mixed-media investigation into perceptions of consciousness, set for release on Thursday, August 28th.

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