Knitted glassware


Seattle based artist Carol Milne has come up with a technique to create sculptures in glass that look as if they were knit. She starts out by making a model in wax which she then places in a mould, exposing it to high temperatures. Next, she melts part of the wax and inserts glass into the mould. Subsequently, she places all of it in a ceramic oven and lets it sit there at temperatures of 1400-1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, she lets the sculptures cool off for a couple of weeks. The result is an astonishing collection of knitted glassware.

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Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography

Mr. Blick makes art, not war


Mister Blick is an artist from France who takes found black and white photography and replaces the guns and weapons by colourful floral illustrations. The images in monochrome show men at war, but instead of carrying guns, Blick has seamlessly provided them with lush blossoms.

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Moncler x Leica – A Photographic Project by Fabien Baron

Moncler x Leica

A photographic project – MONUMENT was revealed during Frieze Art Fair in London. Fabien Baron, founder of Baron & Baron and world renowned art director, was invited by Moncler to document a trip to Greenland to shoot a series of images using the brand new Moncler Edition Leica X113.

Using the latest technology of Leica, Baron achieved a series of sharp monumental monochrome images of the icebergs and landscapes of the arctic tundra in Greenland.

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Music, Technology, Video

FKA twigs through the Google Glass


In one of the rather unexpected tech-meets-music collabs we’ve witnessed in 2014, singer and dancer FKA twigs has released #throughglass, a high-concept dance vid she directed for Google Glass. The short is backed by tweaked versions of (the unreleased) “Glass & Patron” and “Video Girl” from her debut full-length album LP1. It features twigs dancing against a highly-regarded choreography provided by the Google Glass she’s wearing in the video. After showing off her own skills, she toggles through other dance styles while twigs doppelgängers enter the story. All in all, the short film is a look into the technologically enhanced yet fractured mind and it works as a commentary on identity and tech.

Watch the full video below.

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Fien Ploeger explores hyper-reality and the human body for Modebelofte 2014


During Modebelofte 2014 – Seductive Precursors, Fien Ploeger will showcase her first collection as part of her graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Play on shapes and volume are two of the major elements in this collection that explores the concept of hyper-reality in relation to the human body. Ploeger alters the body with her designs in ways that question our contemporary beauty ideals, exploring “the extremes of our tendency to perfect ourselves.” The result is a futuristic vision that can be felt in each aspect of the collection that consists of transparancy, oversized and silver fluid shapes. “The estranging fashion objects are made of slick, shiny materials that grant them a sense of beauty, like Jeff Koons’ balloon sculptures”, says Ploeger. She drew inspiration from transsexuals, extreme body builders and plastic surgery: “Instead of judging, I wanted to give small groups a stage. This is my way of contributing to the discussion, empowering them.” Modebelofte 2014—Seductive Precursors takes place in Eindhoven during this year’s Dutch Design Week.


Photography: Max Mato