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Änimal – Dreams ft. Kimber

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 17.07.20

Hear (and watch) Änimal’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dream’, featuring Kimber. The video has been produced by film platform Struyckroovers.

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Art, Photography

Manipulated Photos Of Death-Defying Scenes


Photographer Robert Jahns, or nois7 on Instagram, photoshops to create a series of death-defying scenes. He places thrilling elements next to ordinary images of city life and landscapes. Read More »

Art, Media, Video

Tom à la ferme


Canadian film wonderkid Xavier Dolan’s latest is called ‘Tom à la ferme’, or ‘Tom at the farm’ in English. At age 24 he has already directed ‘J’ai tué ma mère’, ‘Les amours imaginaires’ and the heavily underrated ‘Laurence Anyways’. In the dark, kinky thriller ‘Tom à la ferme’ he plays the protagonist: a young man who is kept hostage after the funeral of his lover, by his lover’s dangerous yet attractive brother. The film is filled with intelligent visual language, doused in blissful soundscapes. Read More »


Anna Conway


Paintings by Anna Conway. Eerie to say the least. Read More »


VANMOOF Electrified

VANMOOF Electrified - side view

Coming Summer, VANMOOF will launch the first smart bike: the VANMOOF Electrified with integrated GPS tracking system. The bike will combine modern techniques with functional and minimalist design. A compact engine – powered by an integrated battery – will take you on a smooth and fast ride through the city. Read More »