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It’s been a long time since I got really excited about the title of a new magazine. Girls Against God is a new biannual magazine by Bianca Casady of  the music duo CocoRosie. ‘G.A.G. is a boldly feminist exploration and multi-generational endeavor, deploying the arts to illuminate the oppressive, obsolete nature of traditional, male-defined religious and other patriarchal institutions’. While that is quite a mouth full the editors and contributors of G.A.G. simply  honor the feminist heritage – a refreshing and a very much-needed approach in this still predominantly hetero normative world. G.A.G consists of a set of fantastic artists like Antony, Melanie Bonajo, Kembra Pfahler, Emely Neu, Marguerite Stern, Alexyss K. Taylor, Vaginal Davis, Johanna Constantine, Chloe Olewitz, to name a few. GAG is published by Capricious Publishing. Issues will be available at select locations in Europe and the United States; and online at Check out the sneak preview pages.
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