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Last week the application period for the 6th edition of BLOOOM Award by Warsteiner started, giving young creatives the incredible opportunity to show their work to an accomplished jury and the chance to get a start in the international creative industry.

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Sesame Street parodies House of Cards


The third season of House of Cards, Netflix’s successful political drama series will be released in full this Friday. With just a few days to go, Sesame Street, another pop-culture institution, has made an educational parody of the show. In the short film, we see ‘Frank Underwoolf’ – with a Southern drawl of which Kevin Spacey (who won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama series) would be jealous – intent on getting himself into the White Brick House that is inhabited by a piglet. Huffing and puffing through all the other Washington houses, this parody manages to reference the show without all of the intrigue, sex, and death that is featured in the original. Sesame Street is a kids show after all. Complete with Frank Underwood’s sovereign ring and the threatening texts he sends to those he wants to intimidate, Mr. Underwoolf eventually makes it into the White House. But, as we expect from the upcoming season, the piggies will try anything to trick him and bring down his precious house.

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Martín Gutierrez’s second solo exhibition at Ryan Lee Gallery

Martín Gutierrez
Line Up 3, 2014

42 x 28 inches
Courtesy of RYAN LEE, New York

Multi-disciplinary and fashion infused artist Martín Gutierrez (born 1989, Berkeley, CA) will be exhibiting at Ryan Lee Gallery in New York between April 9 and May 9. Titled ‘Can She Hear You!’, the exhibition will feature music videos, site-specific installation, and two new photos series that explore spaces, relationships and nebulous concepts. It’s the artist’s second solo show at the gallery and continues his quest to investigate identity across gender, both collectiva and personal, by transforming the self and physical space. Gutierrez takes himself as center point as he stars, writes, directs, produces, styles and shoots himself alongside with bringing his own original music – which has been featured in videos by Saint Laurent Paris, Christian Dior, and Acne.

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Brussels-based band BRNS premiere the music video for ‘Many Chances’

many chances-brns-music-video

Brussels-based band BRNS, responsible for one of our favourite albums of 2014 (Patine), have released the music video for their third single ‘Many Chances’. The band has made a habit of matching their songs with strikingly original videos, such as the ones for ‘Void‘ and ‘My Head Is Into You‘. This new one is directed by Nicolas Fong and is a richly animated mix of childlike ingenuity and fantastical darkness, mirroring a Glass Animals resembling depth of sound. BRNS manages to channel alt-J at their most menacing and Wild Beasts at their poppiest with an intriguing medley of airy guitars, bells and weightless vocals. Watch the video below. Read More »

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Florian Renner takes us back to the 1980s with Retrowave


Very Drive, Tron and Back To The Future, this animated video by German freelance graphic designer and illustrator Florian Renner. The 1980s are definitely brought back to life in this Cinema 4D made video that serves as a promo for his skills in the field of 3D visualisation. We especially love the fog effect that Renner created with the help of the Turbulence FD plugin. The car he chose is the epitome of vehicular 1980s – the DeLorean DMC-12 – a car with a whole story of its own, thanks to founder John DeLorean who, in a desperate attempt to raise the funds his company needed to survive, was filmed appearing to accept money to take part in drug trafficking, but was subsequently acquitted of charges brought against him on the basis of entrapment.

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Watch the First Trailer for the NWA Biopic “Straight Outta Compton”

NWA-Straight Outta Compton-biopic

After spending several years languishing in the stages of early development, the NWA biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is finally being made and released. Below you can watch the trailer for the film that focuses on the legendary West Coast rap group NWA and that will be in cinemas on August 14. The rap group kickstarted the careers of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre who are producing the film. Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. will play his younger counterpart while Marcus Callender and Jason Mitchell will play Dr. Dre and the late Eazy-E. NWA is credited with pioneering gangsta rap in the gritty mid to late 1980s amidst all the drugs and violence. The feature film will also focus on Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight and NWA’s manager Jerry Heller. Watch the trailer below. Read More »

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Gang of Four is back with The Kills’ Alison Mosshart in this new video


Thirty-six years after they debuted their legendary album ‘Entertainment!’ (with legendary post punk tracks such as ‘Damaged Goods‘), Gang of Four are back with a new long player called ‘What Happens Next’. The Gang from Leeds, Britain no longer exists out of just four, because they decided to team up with the ultimate sexual rock icon from the 2000s, Alison Mosshart who forms indie rock band The Kills with Jamie Hince. The result is a bleary-eyed classic rock video in black and white featuring a catchy track and a fitting title ‘England’s In My Bones’, in which the band is placed in a vacant hotel room and encounters the dead and the living. The band’s ninth studio album will be released on March 2 in the UK through Membran. The LP will also have Alison VV Mosshart on other songs such as ‘Broken Talk’ and other guests such as Japanese guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei. Watch the video for ‘England’s In My Bones’ below. Read More »

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Darius Twin light paints a skateboarding skeleton

Light Goes On from Darren Pearson on Vimeo.

Los Angeles based photographer and graphic designer Darius Twin, aka Darren Pearson, started light painting in 2008 after seeing an image from photographer Gjon Mili that shows Pablo Picasso creating a light drawing called ‘Picasso Draws a Centaur’ which was published in Life Magazine in 1949. The first documented light painting dates back to 1889 and was made by Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny who called it ‘Pathological Walk From in Front’. In 1914 Frank Gilbreth and his wife Lilian Moller Gilbreth made a light painting by fixing lights to manufacturing and clerical workers to monitor their moves. The first famous art photographer who used the technique was Man Ray who in 1935 made the series ‘Space Writing’. Dean Chamberlain gave birth to the term light painting (using handheld lights to selectively illuminate and/or color parts of the subject or scene) with his photo ‘Polyethylene Bags On Chaise Longue’, taken at The Rochester Institute of Technology in 1977. Chamberlain was the first to dedicate his entire body of work to the art form.

Often people think Darius Twin’s images received a photoshop treatment, but they haven’t. Twin pioneered the light painting technique of spinning a prism made from glass in front of the camera while shining a light into to lens, resulting in a rainbow of prismatic circles. “Every movement is tracked precisely, and getting any recognizeable form is difficult,” explains Twin. “At the end of a blindly illustrated 5 – 7 minute exposure, you either have an image that works, or a luminous tangle with the disjointed parts of what you’ve intended.” Using a LED light, long exposure and a remote shutter release, he usually takes pictures in dramatic places away from the masses. Below you’ll find a film short about a skateboarding skeleton, titled ‘Light Goes On’. Follow him on Instagram for your daily dose of light paintings.

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L.A. based singer SOKO loses herself in ‘Ocean Of Tears’


French musician Stéphanie Alexandra Mina Sokolinski aka SOKO (who was also the voice of Isabella in Spike Jonze’s film ‘Her’) has shared a music video for her latest single ‘Ocean Of Tears’, a second track off her upcoming second album ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’. It’s the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2012 debut album ‘I Thought I Was an Alien’ and will be released through indie label Because on March 2. In the video we see a fuzzed-out SOKO drowned in a sea of donuts and bunny heads. Explaining the inspiration behind the song and accompanying video, the Los Angeles based grunge pop singer-songwriter explains: “I’m actually pretty straight-edge. I had never had weed until I was 27. My friends were making fun of me for being such a square, so I started writing music while smoking every now and then. I wrote ‘Ocean Of Tears’ completely stoned out of my mind.”

The same logic applies to the video in which she stages a grainy, psychedelic day in the life recorded with a Fisher Price VHS camera from the 1980s. “I wanted to lose control, lose a sense of self, and just have fun,” she says. Partner in crime was director Nina Ljeti – whose second film will feature SOKO – with whom she headed to friends’ houses to shoot donuts, bunnies, and swimming pools. Watch the result below, which came with a big hangover for the singer: “It actually took me a week to recover because my body is so not used to it!” she reveals.

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Max Cooper presents captivating audiovisual show ‘Emergence’ at NEON


Last Saturday, British dj and producer Max Cooper came to NEON in Ghent as part of the city’s Light Festival during which the entire city center was drowned in light installations and art. The afterparty organised by Thief In The Night featured audiovisual shows by the likes of Max Cooper, Lederfaust, Oaktree x Avondlicht x MISTERT, and Amyn. The first presented his audiovisual live show ‘Emergence’ that is the story of “how everything comes from (almost) nothing.” It was an immersive, groundbreaking visual and musical show filled with deep, melodic techno. Premiered at the Bozar Electronic Arts festival, it sees Ex-scientist Cooper creating an overpowering sensory and dancefloor experience. The show ranges freely across time, from the beginning of the universe to the grand intensity of contemporary society and offering an insight into the future. Pulsating techno, electronica and beatless soundscapes are juxtaposed with the unique visuals of multiple artists. Watch the captivating trailer below. Read More »