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Ad encourages customers to buy oddly shaped fruit


Intermarché, a large supermarket chain in France, decided it is time for an endangered species to be saved from the trash can: ugly duckling vegetables and fruit. 40% of greens don’t reach UK shelves only because they don’t look the part. Globally, that comes down to wasting $750 billion worth of food every year.

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Discover this week’s best in music videos with Diplo, Jessie Ware, and Woodkid.

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This week’s music videos are courtesy of Interpol, Digitalism and Angus & Julia Stone. Discover them after the break.

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adidas x Marina Abramović


Adidas teams up with performance art icon Marina Abramović to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The three-minute film captures the first ever re-staging of Abramović’s iconic 1970s performance “Work Relation”—which focuses on commitment, teamwork and the strength found in togetherness—reimagined through the lens of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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Filminute: entries are open until 20th August


For the 9th consecutive year, Filminute, the international one-minute film festival is curating a collection of the world’s best one-minute films. Every year, 25 one-minute films are selected by Filminute from thousands of international submissions. The shortlisted films are voted on by a respected jury and a global audience of filmmakers and film fans participating from over 125 countries.

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Discover this week’s music videos of the week after the break, with Illangelo, Little Dragon, and Austra.

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POLYPTYCH by Damien Vignaux

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.52.08

POLYPTYCH dives in a constant zoom-in in the modern status of fashion models as icons in a society of image where symbols and references are demultiplicated until they loose their meaning.  The dynamic collage-artworks mix codes and compositions from religious imagery, classical and neo-classical architecture, with strong natural apocalyptic background textures and paint strokes. The compositions also include deconstructed alphabets sampling from the model’s names, depicting the loss of identity that occurs when the girl becomes a cherished image, an icon, rather than a singular person.
We abstract ourselves in worshipping images of beauty.

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Discover this week’s best in music videos after the break, with music by FKA Twigs, Dye, and School of Seven Bells.

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Strangers slapping each other in the face


We all remember that video in which strangers kissed for the first time (and its endless amount of parodies), but this is something entirely different. Screenwriter Max Landis builds on the premises that everyone has the urge to slap somebody from time to time and that probably all of us are curious to know what it feels like to get slapped. That’s why he rounded up 40 friends and filmed them slapping the hell out of each other’s faces.

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The New York Times – Modern Love


The New York Times column ‘Modern Love’ is a fascinating look into the magnificent highs and sad lows of love. The stories and their honesty are very compelling and because love is a universal thing, everyone can connect with each author. The columns go side-to-side with animations. The most recent is called ‘Beyond Years’ and deals with a 22-year age difference in a love relationship.

The animation has been made by Brooklyn-based creative Freddy Arenas whose modest style blends the images and the words perfectly together.