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Trailer: Saint Laurent


2014 saw the release of not one, but two biopics about the legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent. The first, entitled ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ was released earlier this year, provided with official approval of the designer’s lover and business partner Pierre Berge. This production also had access to the house’s archives.

The second film ‘Saint Laurent’ (for which you can view the trailer below) is an unofficial biopic, directed by Bertrand Bonello. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and competed for the coveted Palme d’Or award. The cast features Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent and actress of the moment Lea Seydoux of ‘La Vie d’Adèle’/'Blue Is The Warmest Colour’ playing Loulou de la Falaise, the designer’s muse.

Watch the trailer below for a glimpse of the decadent world of fashion in the 60s and 70s at the height of YSL’s success. The only drawback is that you need to be bilingual as the trailer is entirely in French and lacking in subtitles. Otherwise just relax and admire the garments.

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Ty Segall’s Interactive Music Video That Lets You Change Everything


Retro rocker Ty Segall’s latest music video allows us to control nearly every single thing on the screen. Appropriately titled ‘Manipulator’, the title track of his new album comes with an interactive video filled with a kaleidoscope of visual pastiche. The video begins with Segall performing in a room – probably his bedroom – but everything in that room is subject to change. Don’t like the posters? Click on them and turn them into pictures of fried eggs or a picture of Albert Einstein. Not a fan of the curtains? Click and they change colours. Repeated clicks make things even better; there might be nobody outside the window, but click and a woman wearing a hazmat suit comes along, then another click and there’s a UFO, yet another and the UFO destroys the hazmat lady.

Watch the director’s cut of the video below, or go to Segall’s website to create your own.

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Fictionalized Daft Punk appear in trailer for EDM film ‘Eden’


‘Eden’ by Mia Hansen-Løve’ follows the rise of the French electronic music scene in the 90s. No story about those days would be complete without the inclusion of Daft Punk. The duo will be played by Arnaud Azoulay (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) and Vincent Lacoste (Thomas Bangalter). The film follows a fictional teen duo named Cheers who grow in the shadows of Daft Punk. Watch the trailer, featuring three Daft Punk songs, and read the official synopsis below.

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8-bit music video by Mattis Dovier


French animator Mattis Dovier, whose fantastic GIFs were featured here earlier, has also directed a pixelated, 8-bit music video for Plurabelle’s ‘Our Fires’. Inspired by old video games, the music video is a thrilling, erotic trip into creepy suburbia, where a Twin Peaks style horror story comes our way. Personally, it reminds me of Charles Burns’ graphic novel ‘Black Hole’. Watch it below.

“In addition to pixel art and frame by frame animation, graphics in this video are based on various influences. The main ones arise from the underground manga, especially Maruo Suehiro’s ’ero-guro” or erotic-grotesque style (to name one), that mixes both horror and erotic genres. Human passions such as love and violence become exacerbated to their climax, making the man look like a crazy and decadent animal, the whole thing taking the form of a macabre poetry.” – Mattis Dovier

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Miranda July creates new (and more) ‘social’ media app for Miu Miu


Today’s means of communication are as efficient as they are cold. Rethinking the ways in which we interact, artist, author and filmmaker Miranda July collaborated with Miu Miu to create an app and short film as part of the brand’s Women’s Tales project. The short can be viewed after the break and was premiered as part of the Venice Days programme during the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

This latest addition to Womens’ Tales showcases Miranda July’s unique ability to capture the strange tenderness of contemporary relationships.

SOMEBODY takes our endless hunger for communication, technology, avatars and outsourcing, and blends it into what seems to be a surreal near-future — but it’s not. It’s right now. In close collaboration with Miu Miu, July worked with a team of developers to create this radical and complex app; when the movie ends we’re invited to visit to send or deliver our first message. Read More »


ZIP! By Trey Wright

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 10.50.15

Both light-hearted and provocative, Trey Wright offers us a colourful insight into our love for the zipper in everyday life and fashion. Minimalist sound effects and background music grab our attention while collages of zipping and unzipping of clothes and bodies flash before our eyes. Wright cleverly captures the allure of the zip by highlighting its ability to conceal or reveal bodyparts. A sense of kink is definitely there, also thanks to the speeds in which the zips are done or undone.

Speaking with Nowness, Wright said: “I wanted to capture the ease of a zipper. The sound of the zipper and the act of zipping something can be quite entertaining, sexy and funny.”

Patents: The Zipper on


Teaser: Girls Season 4


Our beloved Girls have been renewed for a fourth season and HBO has posted a 30-second tease, showing Lena Dunham in an attempt to ride a bike. Hannah Horvath wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t fall in those 30 seconds; followed by the crew coming to her rescue.

Instead of being set in NYC’s urban jungle, this teaser trailer shows a green, idyllic setting reminding us that Hannah will spend (at least a part) of season 4 at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, away from Adam (Adam Driver). Season 4 also welcomes some new guest stars, such as Maude Apatow, Jason Ritter, Gillian Jacobs, Natasha Lyonne, Aidy Bryant and Zachary Quinto. The new season will be premiered in the beginning of 2015.

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INE & SANNE: The Future of Fashion is Now


Creative and art direction duo INE & SANNE teamed up with Cake Film and Photography for Dutch luxury retailer De Bijenkorf. Their video is a fashion film in reverse, featuring a daring synchronization between the garments and their surroundings. The video stars the all new Bijenkorf AW14 collection and defines the arrival of a new chapter in fashion. Together with design studio De Intuïtiefabriek, INE & SANNE observed the textures, details and form of the clothing to give each look and its setting a gracious connection. Watch the film after the break and discover four diverse worlds each bearing its own quirks.

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Music video: Grimes – Go feat. Blood Diamonds


A few weeks back Canadian musician Grimes aka Claire Boucher surprised the world with a new track after a long hiatus. She wrote the song for Rihanna who turned it down, so Grimes adopted it again and shines on this trap-heavy track featuring fellow Canadian Blood Diamonds. After debuting the song at the New York Governors Ball earlier this Summer the song received over 1,5 million listens on Soundcloud. And now there is a shiny new video that is “[sic] supposed to be dante’s inferno (abstractly), different layers of hell etc.,” according to Grimes on Tumblr.

Abstract might be an understatement as the four-minute clip is surrealist eye candy, full of black-lit, bullet-hole-ravaged rooms, desert exploration, swords and bewitching dance moves.

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ITSU & MSAK: ‘Transcendence’


‘Transcendence’ is a realtime audiovisual performance by duo ITSU & MISAK, originating from Moscow, Russia.

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