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Paranoia runs rampant in new Inherent Vice trailer


Paul Thomas Anderson takes the audience on a trip filled with paranoia in the latest trailer for one of the most anticipated upcoming films, ‘Inherent Vice’. This crime comedy/thriller follows detective Doc Sportello (played by Joaquin Phoenix) as he agrees to help his ‘ex-old lady’ find out what happened to her billionaire boyfriend. Along the way, he starts to lose grip on what’s real and what is a consequence of his uncontrollable drug abuse. In this trailer, the voice-over cites a list of pop culture reasons as to why the ‘groove’ of the early 60s California had began to disappear and how paranoia replaced good will and peace. Compared to the wacky first trailer, this second one gives more insight into Doc’s world and the impressive supporting cast. The film is expected in US cinemas on January 9 and in the UK at the end of January.

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Premiering new music discovery Sumera

Sumera DSC05330

There’s a new music revelation and she’s called Sumera. The Dutch singer has been closely working together with Viktor & Rolf, wearing their clothes and accessories on stage. With roots in the Caribbean and Portugal, while growing up in Spain and Germany, she has developed her own unique style. Her music is a fine blend of intriguing pop and dark electro. She has already been asked to open for bands such as Clean Bandit, Dotan, and Marina & The Diamonds. We are honored to premiere an exclusive rendition of her single ‘Wolf’, shot by German filmmaker Bode Brodmüller in a cave on the island of Lanzarote. Watch it below.

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Purity Ring release long-awaited new music


Having been relatively quiet since the release of their debut album Shrines in 2012 (an office all-time favourite, especially after seeing them perform live) and aside from some guest spots on tracks from Jon Hopkins and Danny Brown, Purity Ring have finally shared their first new music in years. The song is called ‘Push Pull’ and is the first single of their forthcoming second album. In light of their previous album, it’s a little bigger and less dim, but still evoking that haunting and otherworldly feeling that made Shrines so great. The production by Corin Roddick overflows and punches, while the lyrics exude the Canadian duo’s quintessential esoteric romanticism: “You push and you pull, but you’d never know/ I crept up in you and I wouldn’t let go.” Listen to the track below.

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Faberyayo x Tom Trago: Nacht EP


Tom Trago and Faberyayo, two enfant terribles, from the Dutch music scene have come together to produce an EP called ‘Nacht’. House producer Tom Trago and Faberyayo, aka Pepijn Lanen from De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, have been friends for a long time. According to them, they have already created enough songs to fill three LPs, but they have decided to only release the best five tracks on this new EP. Their binding factor is the night (hence the title of the album): “On these occasions I power up my MPC sampler, Pepijn had brought a sample with him, or sometimes nothing at all. He then installed himself in a corner of my room to give directions. Everything is made in his presence. I needed his energy, he needed mine, that was part of the creative process. Suddenly he went silent and started playing on his phone. Then I would set up the microphone and he would rap the entire song, from start to finish. That has always been the first time I heard the lyrics. I think that’s incredible. I have listened to ‘Diep in Het Notenwoud’ a million times now, but I still can’t rap it,” – says Tom Trago to 3voor12.

Earlier this month, they released a trippy video (watch it below) for first single ‘Diep in Het Notenwoud, created by Sasa Ostoja and Jan Jesse Bakker.

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Fashion label MAISON the FAUX exclusively streams the making of their AFW collection


The Dutch fashion label MAISON the FAUX is in the midst of creating its third collection that will be premiered during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam in January 2015. Titled ‘C’est Vrai ou C’est Faux?’, this new collection will explore the themes of transparency and authenticity in fashion. What is real, what is fiction and what do we want the audience to think is real? To offer a possible answer to these questions, the label has now launched a website that features of live stream of the workshop so that the public can witness the creative process from start to finish.

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The world’s first drone-filmed porno is out (NSFW)


Aptly called ‘Drone Boning’, the first drone-shot porno has been released by Brooklyn film company Ghost+Cow. According to the filmmaker Braondon LaGanke, the idea saw the light of day as a light-hearted parody on surveillance culture and privacy. “The plan was to take beautiful landscapes and just put people fucking in them,” he said to Motherboard. Filmed in San Fran, the porno shows gay and straight couples fornicating in a beautiful scenery of sweeping landscapes, mountain vistas, and majestic beaches. Watch the video below; NSFW of course, but not that harmful unless the beauty of Mother Nature is your aphrodisiac.

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Die Antwoord invite an all-star cast for their latest video


Die Antwoord’s latest release is single ‘Ugly Boy’ that comes with a video full of celebs in cameo roles, dancing around with the zef side. We see Cara Delvingne shooting a squirt gun filled with blood, Dita von Teese in black nipple pasties, Marilyn Manson giving Yo-Landi Vi$$er a burning rose and the ATL Twins, Jack Black and Flea dancing around. Unlike their previous tracks, this one from their album ‘Donker Mag’ is less aggressive and features a mellower, synth-pop side to the duo. Watch the video after the break.

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Dev Hynes Plays His Shirt in New Gap Holiday Campaign


As part of Gap’s new holiday campaign called ‘Play Your Stripes’, Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes has been commissioned for a tightly choreographed video set to ‘It Is What It Is’ (from his 2013 release Cupid Deluxe). Wearing a striped shirt in front of a striped backdrop, Hynes dances around in what has become his trademark dance style. The stripes on his shirt light up as if they were part of a keyboard – and everyone can play along thanks to an interactive webcam game on GAP’s website. Just throw on a striped shirt and you’re in the game.


GIRLS Season 4 invites us onto the set


Our favourite Girls are returning to the screen in the beginning of next year with its fourth season that picks up right where we left off. At the end of last season we saw Hannah torn between leaving Adam and enrolling at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. A quietly released preview and behind-the-scenes footage reveal that she heads back to the Midwest and Elijah – for reasons unknown – joins her. When it comes to the other girls, we see Marnie continuing her half-baked singing career (and even more half-baked affair) with Desi; Jessa seeming lost (we have to go by footage of a police confrontation); and Shoshanna finally meeting her parents on screen. Expect cameos by Ana Gasteyer, Zachery Quinto, Marc Maron, and Gillian Jacobs. According to Lena Dunham, this time the Brooklyn girls will “make smarter choices and realise life is still hard.” Watch the teaser below.

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FKA twigs through the Google Glass


In one of the rather unexpected tech-meets-music collabs we’ve witnessed in 2014, singer and dancer FKA twigs has released #throughglass, a high-concept dance vid she directed for Google Glass. The short is backed by tweaked versions of (the unreleased) “Glass & Patron” and “Video Girl” from her debut full-length album LP1. It features twigs dancing against a highly-regarded choreography provided by the Google Glass she’s wearing in the video. After showing off her own skills, she toggles through other dance styles while twigs doppelgängers enter the story. All in all, the short film is a look into the technologically enhanced yet fractured mind and it works as a commentary on identity and tech.

Watch the full video below.

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