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ITSU & MSAK: ‘Transcendence’


‘Transcendence’ is a realtime audiovisual performance by duo ITSU & MISAK, originating from Moscow, Russia.

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WIN with David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars


In ‘Maps to the Stars’ – set for release in the Netherlands on August 28th – director David Cronenberg paints a haunting picture of Hollywood, mocking the glamour associated with Tinseltown. The release of the film coincides with the David Cronenberg Exhibition in EYE Amsterdam and that’s why Blendbureaux offers you the chance to learn more about the director’s past films by giving away 3 x 2 tickets for the exhibition.

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Music video: Chet Faker – Gold


Australia crooner Chet Faker took the world by storm in 2011 with his cover of ‘No Diggity’. After releasing a few EPs, he surprised us once again with a fantastic album ‘Built On Glass’ that came out in April this year. His soulful voice, combined with electronic and downtempo music, finally came out of the bedroom studio and this record proves that Faker is eager to explore new frontiers. Third single ‘Gold’ comes with a mesmerizing video starring a desolate road at night and three rollerblading hotties. Discover it after the break.

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Omote’s electronic make-up


Projecting digitally made graphics onto buildings or rooms isn’t new, but what if your canvas is a living and moving human face? Omote (led by Nobumichi Asai, which brings together digital designers, CGI experts, and make-up artists) has done just that by combining real-time face tracking and projection mapping that turns a model’s face into something far more mesmerizing – even while moving. Technical details are scarce, but Asai is no stranger to projection mapping, having worked with Subaru and other companies in the past to put CGI onto cars, docks, buildings and more. Discover their debut video after the break.

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Music video: Unifono – Flight of Fancy


On October 3rd, Berlin label Antime will release Unifono’s EP ‘Reframing’. The extended play will contain five songs, produced in the last two years. The sound ventures between downbeat, trip hop and club music. The first single is entitled ‘Flight of Fancy’ and comes with a video shot by Matthias Pfeiffer. 90% of the images were filmed during a train ride between Valencia and Barcelona and the editing is brilliant, specifically the parts in which the flickering of sun light  mirrors the beat.

Watch the video for Unifono’s “Flight of Fancy” after the break.

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Cream Tease


Discover a steamy animation by Seed Animation Studio entitled ‘Cream Tease’ after the break. It’s a 2D film set in the 80s during the height of a hot of summer It’s a provoking series of moving images leading up to a summer twist that will cool you off. Innuendo galore.

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Debut: Ine & Sanne


Amsterdam creative duo Ine & Sanne present their DEBUT video, a search for something better in a cold and clinic, black and white atmosphere. Abstract binoculars teleport the viewer to a lucid, coloured world. The video is supported by an electro-pop soundtrack and a creative team starring WE MAKE CARPETS, Maite Catti, Meike Sier, Maaike Fransen and Lucy McRae.

Ine & Sanne are foremost designers and concept artists who harmonize all aspects of film, fashion and design to inspire the audience with aesthetic and powerful videos. The two have previously worked on projects for Zarb, furniture store De Intuïtiefabriek and a music video for Bombay Show Pig.

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David Lynch Directs Ad For $50 Christian Louboutin Nail Polish


Louboutin Rouge is Christian Louboutin’s first venture into cosmetics, resulting in a $50 nail polish that will match the red soles of his patented heels. Avant-garde filmmaker David Lynch was commissioned for the commercial, and boy is it weird.

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Ad encourages customers to buy oddly shaped fruit


Intermarché, a large supermarket chain in France, decided it is time for an endangered species to be saved from the trash can: ugly duckling vegetables and fruit. 40% of greens don’t reach UK shelves only because they don’t look the part. Globally, that comes down to wasting $750 billion worth of food every year.

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Discover this week’s best in music videos with Diplo, Jessie Ware, and Woodkid.

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