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Mr. Blick makes art, not war


Mister Blick is an artist from France who takes found black and white photography and replaces the guns and weapons by colourful floral illustrations. The images in monochrome show men at war, but instead of carrying guns, Blick has seamlessly provided them with lush blossoms.

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Anthony Zinonos showcases accessories in collage style for Art Wednesday


Anthony Zinonos is a collage illustrator and artist based in Norwich, U.K. He applies his unique collage style to a wide range of editorial, advertising, book illustration, murals, animation and 3D work and has now made a project for online shop Art Wednesday. It’s an intelligent take on product imagery, since it directly pulls your focus to the accessories instead of its surroundings. His minimalist collage work uses a lot of found paper while his colours and style are reminiscent of the work of John Baldessari. Discover more below.
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Enter the fantastic universe of Eugenia Loli’s collages

Natural History Museum

Filmmaker and modern vintage collage artist Eugenia Loli originally stems from Greece and now lives in California where she develops these masterpieces that combine ultimate creativity with powerful imagery. Her works feature scenes that are very broad and allow each viewer a different interpretation through imagination.

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First shared on the Tumblr page Flux Machine, art director and designer Kevin Weir uses found black and white photos to turn them in quirky GIFs. He got into the making of b/w GIFs to kill the downtime while doing an internship he had to undertake during grad school. The basis of his work are historical images found in theĀ Library of Congress online archive.

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Swiss artist Sarah Haug is on a mission to show us the wild and crazy side of life. Her fanciful drawings full of animal inspired cartoon characters, popping colour schemes and surrealist figures, transport us to an exuberant world full of illustrations. With her representation of tales about feeling alive and having a good time, Sarah Haug convinces us of her ability to make our lives a bit more fun. Her education in visual communication, illustration and animation has resulted in a collection full of drawings, illustrations and live projects. Feed your imagination with her fantastical designs.

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Floppy Disc Art

British artist Nick Gentry uses found objects and contributed artefacts to make mixed media collages. This series uses the now obsolete floppy disk to make paintings, resulting in an archaeological display of digital history to pay homage to the roles old media (such as vintage film negatives, x-rays and microfilm) played in technology. His art is influenced by the development of consumerism, technology, identity and cyberculture in society, with a distinctive focus on obsolete media. He is best known for his floppy disk paintings and film negative artworks, placing an emphasis on recycling obsolete media and the reuse of personal objects as a central theme.

Mattis Dovier’s Gruesome and Sexy GIFs



Mattis Dovier has a gift for making GIFs that are both entertaining and gruesome. He balances between GIFs in colour and black and white sketch-like moving images in wonderful detail. Dovier juxtaposes subjects that are jiggling body fat with more sensual GIFs like women applying lipstick or slapping her own behind in repetition. His GIFs intertwine the movement of the human body with action shots as shooting a gun or the impact of a fist hitting a face.

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Collage art by Tali Bayer


Collages and gifs by Tali Bayer.

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Sewn Drawings


Tennessee-based trained illustrator Jessica Wohl works in the areas of painting, drawing, installation, collage and performance. She focuses on the concept of home and its residents, aiming to prove that not everything is what it seems by drawing and sewing on family photos. This process questions the representation of domestic perfection and happiness.

The series ‘Sewn Drawing’ uses embroidery to mask the characters on found photography and Wohl sews on them to embody the metaphor of the human need to “keep it together” and prevent life from “ripping apart at the seams”.

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Cream Tease


Discover a steamy animation by Seed Animation Studio entitled ‘Cream Tease’ after the break. It’s a 2D film set in the 80s during the height of a hot of summer It’s a provoking series of moving images leading up to a summer twist that will cool you off. Innuendo galore.