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Florian Renner takes us back to the 1980s with Retrowave


Very Drive, Tron and Back To The Future, this animated video by German freelance graphic designer and illustrator Florian Renner. The 1980s are definitely brought back to life in this Cinema 4D made video that serves as a promo for his skills in the field of 3D visualisation. We especially love the fog effect that Renner created with the help of the Turbulence FD plugin. The car he chose is the epitome of vehicular 1980s – the DeLorean DMC-12 – a car with a whole story of its own, thanks to founder John DeLorean who, in a desperate attempt to raise the funds his company needed to survive, was filmed appearing to accept money to take part in drug trafficking, but was subsequently acquitted of charges brought against him on the basis of entrapment.

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Agi & Sam draw inspiration from childhood for their Fall 2015 collection


Fashion label Agi & Sam are known for colourful prints and bringing the tradition of tailored menswear into a new era. Their coats are seemingly ripped apart and deconstructed, fastened in a desultory manner – with Velcro. Furthermore, some of the Agi & Sam models in their runway show are seen in strange Lego masks that look like weird outgrowths. The inspiration came from their childhood as Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton explained: “We wanted to enjoy what we are doing, make fun and playful clothing, and here it’s almost as if the wearer can build their own clothing. Read More »

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BLEND\BUREAUX brings back ‘wallvertising’ with Warsteiner X Ceizer


Premium beer label Warsteiner has collaborated with the Dutch artist Pieter Ceizer. The Paris based artist is specialized in typography, has his own art & design studio (Studio Ceizer) in Amsterdam and already owns a lifestyle brand. Creative agency BLEND\BUREAUX wants to bring back the art of ‘wallvertising’ and started this collaboration last year.

This project is inspired by the old New York phenomenon of painted advertisements on the sides of buildings. These advertisements, also called ghost signs or fading ads, that remained over time can still be found all over the world. Nowadays advertisers usually put up huge billboard campaigns with unreal features. Because of it’s authenticity wallvertising is becoming more popular every day. And whom other than Pieter Ceizer should one ask to let his creativity speak on these walls? He is the king of typography and creative writing.

Various walls in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have been treated with a unique design to bring back the remains of urban life. The designs can be found on walls of well known locations like café PIEK (Rotterdam) the Ruyschkamer (Amsterdam) and the We Are Labels boutique in the Pijp (Amsterdam). Expect unexpected wordplays that communicate the core of Warsteiner’s identity, such as ‘the biggest small family brewery’. Warsteiner aims to support the comeback of wallvertising because it represents craftsmanship and centralizes the artist. With every mural project Ceizer adds a special touch by referring to the identity and personality of the owners of the specific bar of shop. The combination of this authentic art form and Ceizer’s distinctive style makes every mural special. With this project Warsteiner proves it’s interest in supporting and acknowledging young and upcoming artists and taking them to the next level in their career.

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Psychedelic portraits by graphic designer Tyler Spangler


Artist and graphic designer Tyler Spangler works on the formalist relationship between images removed from their original context. Exploring the connotations of colour, form and photography through the medium of digital collage, he reinterprets found pictures by adding visual psychedelic touches. Over the last couple of years, Tyler Spangler has filled six 440-paged books with his own designs. The artist has a BA in Psychology and is an Art Center College of Design dropout. Currently freelancing with clients in the music, surf, and textile industry, he once ran an illegal punk venue for 13 shows until the police shut it down.

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Colombian artist Marcello Castellani explores the relationship between photos and pixels


Colombian artist and digital designer Marcello Castellani researches various techniques in his pieces in order to find his own unique style one day. Still training, he works with illustration, acrylics or pencils, while his job as a digital designer has urged him to question the relationship between pixel and photography. This exploration led Castellani to his first solo exhibition ‘Hilados (Spun)’, in which he deconstructs photos into pixels, resulting in him spilling paint onto canvas to make it look like threads.

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Controversial Cartoon Illustrations From Luis Quiles


We’re at a moment in history in which serious issues like exploitation, sex trafficking, sexual harassment and gender inequality are being addressed on a never-seen-before scale. At the same time people are more confused about sexuality and gender than ever before. One artist out there who is attempting to challenge stereotypes and inequality through his work is the Spanish born illustrator Luis Quiles. He tackles a wide array of social issues from protest to policing in his trademark cartoonist style. Another part of society the illustrator takes issue with is politics, and particularly geo-politics. A lot of his work is a commentary on the supranational relationships between corporations and countries. Most famously are his satire pieces involving McDonald’s, Instagram and the Catholic church.

More on his FacebookInstagram, and DeviantArt.

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Accidental Collages by Lisa Sorgini


Lisa Sorgini is an Australian photographer who also dabbles in collage art. For this series called ‘Food Stamps’ she paired old National Geographic pictures with items of food from her kitchen, creating a humorous and playful series which she describes as ‘an accidental collage project’. She says: “These serendipitously came together to create a series of images with renewed and implied meaning.”

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Bold Illustrations by Jaya Nicely


L.A. based illustrator Jaya Nicely has a passion for bold colours which she applies with pencil on paper, resulting in neat and intriguing works of art. She works on various commissioned works, but also brought personal projects like ‘Real Houses with made up stories’ that is a zine of drawings of houses she finds in the streets and for which she devises completely fictional families to inhabit them. She also worked on a food-inspired magazine called ‘Compound Butter Magazine‘. More on her Tumblr.

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Hypnotizing digital line portraits by Patrick Seymour


Montreal based artist Patrick Seymour creates these hypnotizing illustrations with the help of computer graphic tools. Light effects, lines and curves come together in digital, mesmerizing portraits of humans and animals such as lions, foxes and deer. More after the break.

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Mr. Blick makes art, not war


Mister Blick is an artist from France who takes found black and white photography and replaces the guns and weapons by colourful floral illustrations. The images in monochrome show men at war, but instead of carrying guns, Blick has seamlessly provided them with lush blossoms.

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