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Drawings by Nuria Riaza


Spanish illustrator Nuria Riaza is a collector of memories and absurd objects which she stores away in a little tin box. Read More »

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Billboards by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel


In the 1970s and 80s, two guys set out to alter billboards with obscure images they made themselves. Their names? Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel. Their images often had no meaning, but were meant to mock advertising. They could be considered pioneers of street art. The duo published a book titled ‘Evidence’. It’s one of the most influential books on the subject of the use of found images. Read More »

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In Pieces


Illustrations from French artist Marion Fayolle who explores human relationships with comedy.

More at Read More »

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Shame on Me


In her seris ‘Shame on Me’, artist Samantha Wall explores the inner self and exposes the resulting internal negotiations.

Forces like feelings, aims, coercion and cravings establish how we create interpersonal relationships and position ourselves in the world. Yet, reflective emotions such as embarrasment, indignity and haughtiness provide opportunities for self-reflection which could expose these internal mechanisms. Read More »


Kyung Hwan Kwon


Drawings on black paper by Korean artist Kyung Hwan Kwon. Acrylic and color pencils are used to create dynamic drawings of bright explosions and threatening figures in the night. The use of shadows is a key element: Kwon only partially outlines his subjects and excludes details. Read More »

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Brecht Vandenbroucke


Welcome in the weird, dystopian and critical universe of Belgian illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke. Read More »

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Introducing Hanna Barczyk


Introducing Hanna Barczyk, an up-and-coming illustrator who was born in Germany, but who now lives in Toronto, Canada. She has previously done work for Canadian magazines The Walrus and Lover. Her influences rank from her Hungarian heritage-inspired decorative, folkloric images to nature, trees, animals and human behaviour. This is a first series of her, called ‘Fisherman and Mermaid’. Read More »

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Fan The Flame

Russian illustrators Alexey Lyapunov and Lena Erlich created these intricate paper sculptures for the campaign Fan The Flame by Amnesty International. Read More »

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Last month artist Aurel Smidth showcased a series of new works entitled ‘Fruits’ at a former bodega on 200 Stanton here in New York. Read More »

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Devendra Banhart‘s new single ‘Taurobolium’ is accompanied by an amazing video by director Galen Pehrson, where Read More »