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Collage art by Tali Bayer


Collages and gifs by Tali Bayer.

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Sewn Drawings


Tennessee-based trained illustrator Jessica Wohl works in the areas of painting, drawing, installation, collage and performance. She focuses on the concept of home and its residents, aiming to prove that not everything is what it seems by drawing and sewing on family photos. This process questions the representation of domestic perfection and happiness.

The series ‘Sewn Drawing’ uses embroidery to mask the characters on found photography and Wohl sews on them to embody the metaphor of the human need to “keep it together” and prevent life from “ripping apart at the seams”.

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Cream Tease


Discover a steamy animation by Seed Animation Studio entitled ‘Cream Tease’ after the break. It’s a 2D film set in the 80s during the height of a hot of summer It’s a provoking series of moving images leading up to a summer twist that will cool you off. Innuendo galore.

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25 illustrators aim to save the honeybee with Beetopia


The Honey Club from London – a partnership between social enterprise Urban Bees, brand consultancy Wolff Olins, and youth charity The Global Generation – aims to “build the largest bee-friendly network in the world”. They do this because bees are essential to our well-being: honeybees pollinate a third of the produce consumed in Europe. Yet today, the world’s bee population is declining quickly and it’s vital to support beekeeping communities.

They Honey Club trains beekeepers, organizes urban gardening programs, and hosts eductional events. Their latest project is Beetopia, an exhibition taking place at London’s Guardian Gallery, featuring bee-themed work from 25 European illustrators. They were asked to create pieces that show harmonious or optimal relationships between people and bees. The works are currently being auctioned off for charity online.

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Roosje Klap and Mathias Schweizer for Dutch literary magazine De Gids


Roosje Klap and Mathias Schweizer have collaborated on an extraordinary digital collage for Dutch literary magazine De Gids, which has been around since 1837. Their images show rooms that reference past literary voices as Baiga and Ovid, while placing erotic references in surrealist dreamscapes. The two worked together by building on each other’s work in stages. Roosje Klap herself refers to it as ‘graphic sex cadavre-exquis!’.

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Animals in Moiré part 2


A few months ago, we already featured some personal work by Italian artist and graphic designer Andrea Minini who uses the Moiré effect to contrast illustrations of animals. This time again, he shows the beauty of wild animals with architectural, mathematical shapes.

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Logos by Mike Frederiqo


Designer Mike Frederiqo recreates some of fashion’s most famous logos using the designers themselves. Chanel’s interlocking Cs are formed from a cold faced Coco, while US Vogue features Anna Wintour in her characteristic shades.

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Life Of A Salesman


‘Life Of A Salesman’ by Masami Tsukishima follows lonely salesmen commuting to and from work.Tsukishima intrigues with trains on fire and psychedelic red skies.

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Heads by Valentin Leonida


Valentin Leonida turns our inside world out with his series ‘Heads’ in which he expresses a variety of emotions in sharp and significant drawings.

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Rejected Emojis


The Rejected Emojis Tumblr is a graveyard of emojis that didn’t make it to our phones – a magnificent gallery of what could have been. FunnyOrDie contributors Jesse Benjamin, Darryl Gudmundson and Avery Monsen started this Tumblr for World Emoji Day, filled with the surreal, sinister and often bizarre Emojis that could have been.

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