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Rene Mesman


Dutch photographer Rene Mesman creates images borrowing the style of still life paintings: a pineapple fish, a peach-nut, a long-haired owl, and a pink artichoke. More wacky associations after the break.

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Ad encourages customers to buy oddly shaped fruit


Intermarché, a large supermarket chain in France, decided it is time for an endangered species to be saved from the trash can: ugly duckling vegetables and fruit. 40% of greens don’t reach UK shelves only because they don’t look the part. Globally, that comes down to wasting $750 billion worth of food every year.

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De Invasie van Amsterdam/The Invasion of Amsterdam


Lisette Appeldorn

De Invasie, the Belgian event that supports young, upcoming talent is coming to Amsterdam on 3-4 May and will transform De Brakke Grond into a space filled to the brim with culture and creativity.

50 creative designers will show their best work during this free event at De Brakke Grond. Everything you’ll see is for sale as well, so grab as much as you can. Talent from all imaginable disciplines will join forces: architecture, design, interior design, fashion, accessories, art, graphic design, multimedia design, food & drinks, etc..


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Odd Pears Socks


Australian socks brand Odd Pears, founded by Brock Sykes, asked graphic designer Leta Sobierajski to design the set of their new campaign.

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Wurst Art


Running errands at the local supermarket, Karsten Wegener, Silke Baltruschat and Raik Holst discovered a piece of packaged ham which uncannily resembled ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. The shape of the ham, the arrangement of egg, cucumber, carrot and the packaging was perfect.

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The Importance of the Obvious

Matthias Borowski an MA graduate of the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands investigated for his final thesis the process of cooking as a departure to create  new ideas on interior design. Read More »

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Foot Patrol + Clarks


Footpatrol is London’s best-known destination sneaker store, with a history in supplying the most exclusive sneakers. Originally opened in 2002, and relocated to it’s new store in 2010, it’s been at the heart of supplying the sneaker fraternity with the most desirable footwear apparel. Read More »

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Steve Winters thought he was one lucky man when he won a lunch date with British supermodel Cara Delevingne after winning Britain’s 888Casino Millionaire Gene Jackpot. Read More »

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It’s a fact that in recent years the photographer of food has become a real art form in itself. German photographer Karsten Wegener took his national produce the ‘wurst’ as departure to create re-imaginings Read More »

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XO Live: Music and food

IMG_4557XO Live, the festival formerly known as Extrema Outdoor, will welcome top chefs Ron Blaauw and Hans van Wolde to both cook and DJ during the festival on 13th July in Eindhoven. The renewed XO Live is aimed more at live music and experiences than Extrema Outdoor and believes this to be the future of electronic music festivals. Good food is part of this and that’s why the festival has chosen these top chefs to join the line-up. Read More »