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The dog sculpture in this Kiev pastry shop is not a Koons (but sure looks like one)


The Ukrainian architecture firm 2B.Group have just finished The Cake, a modern French pastry shop in the center of Kiev. It took just four months from the first sketches to the open day rehearsal to finish the shop – discussing the name for the design took longer. Eventually, they reconciled by calling it ‘indie’ design.

The 80m2 main hall boasts a wide diversity in images and forms due to the fact that most design elements were handcrafted. The real eye-catcher, however, is that Jeff Koons reminiscent sculpture with an inscription that reads: “Only looks like a Koons dog, but it is not”.

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Look flawless in Ra Clothing this winter


The boys and girls from Ra Clothing have just dropped their AW14 collection, entitled ‘Flawless’. This symbolises the brand’s pursuit for perfection in manufacturing and attention to detail. Their jerseys come in a range of colours that each bear their own significance. Gold represents not only the royalty of the brand, but longevity of the product – with gold as a material being resistant to the insults of all nature, appreciating in value and withstanding the tests of time. Black in the spectrum of colour is all consuming – eliminating all others in its path, just as all imperfections are eliminated when producing a Ra garment. Finally, red has been the signal of power for centuries – and when something is perfect – it commands power, it commands attention, and it commands respect.

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These Jeans protect your ass and identity with RFID blocking technology


Betabrand, a San Francisco based clothing brand, has presented its latest garment: an innocent pair of jeans that has hidden technology to stop digital pickpockets from stealing your identity and credit card credentials. It’s called the Ready jeans and comes with RFID-blocking pockets since the Federal Trade Commission has recorded over 9 million cases of identity theft – that’s some 19 people per minute. One third of those cases involve financial fraud, but that number is bound to increase as RFID technology makes it easier for the consumer to pay for goods and go without waiting for a signature and receipt.

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Santa takes on high-fashion looks in these Joint London cards


With Christmas just around the corner, we love these Christmas cards by Joint London who took old Santa and decided to doll him up in various high fashion looks. From Alexander Wang and KENZO to Raf Simons and Marni.

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Street Artist Bikismo Paints an Unbelievable Metallic Dog Mural during Art Basel Miami Beach


Street artist Bikismo from Puerto Rico ended Art Basel Week with a bang thanks to his shiny new mural in Wynwood. Part of the RAW Project (Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood), this piece sits on a wall of the Jose De Diego Middle School and depicts a playful metallic dog with its butt in the air. With absolute insane level of detail, the dog’s body resembles reflections on sculptures by the likes of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago and Jeff Koons’ Rabbit, making it easy to forget this one is done entirely in spray paint on a flat surface. Each section was painted in the way tattoo artists would paint hyperrealistic portraits. For more of Bikismo’s work, visit his Instagram.