3D rendered nude sculptures


Design studio Meiré und Meiré commissioned London based motion designer, digital designer and director Julien Simshauser to create 3D Illustrations of nude women for the August issue of GQ Italy. This resulted in beautiful renderings of 3D sculptures made of marble and high gloss material. Simshauser then arranged these on top of each other to shape collages of naked bodies. In turn, those collages were used on the opening pages of GQ to introduce the different sections of the magazine.

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Art, Film

Surrender to this short dance film by Maceo Frost


‘Ready To Surrender’ is a short dance film by Swedish filmmaker Maceo Frost, set to a choreography by Mari Carrasco. The two found inspiration in a stage piece by the same name. Immerse yourself in this video that explores the subject of letting go, daring to fail and not going out without a fight. The piece is set to a score written by Maceo and his father Damon Frost. Watch it after the break.

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Art, Nature, Photography

These portraits are slowly being devoured by living fungi

Seung-Hwan Oh 1

A few years ago, South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh noticed something strange was happening with his photo paper: fungi were slowly but surely harming his photos. It would only be a matter of time before the picture would become totally unrecognizable … and useless. Or not? Instead of doing everything in his power to keep the fungi away from his photos, he decided to embrace the parasites and let them go their way without restraint. Ever since, the artist has created a series of these photos, under the title ‘Impermanence’. He places the images in a warm, moist environment in which the fungi thrive and consume the light sensitive chemicals for months or even years. Seung-Hwan has also started breeding parasites himself in a micro fungi farm, although molds found on old bread or rice do the job as well. Nevertheless, letting nature run its course doesn’t always yield results: “To put thing in perspective, only one out of 500 frames of medium format color reversal film comes out properly and I only have 15 of them so far since I started the project in 2010.” – Seung-Hwan Oh

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Discover photographer Marta Bevacqua’s dark, surreal universe


Marta Bevacque is a photographer hailing from Paris who first got behind the camera at age 16. Fast forward nine years and she still hasn’t let go. The 25 year old creates dark, surreal scenes in which the protagonists find themselves locked underneath coats of ice or have to fend off bugs. Her images often seem to express opposing narratives, yet they are filled with beauty and magic. Dive into the outlandish universe Bevacqua inspires with her imagery. More here on Flickr and Instagram.

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Art, Design

Satta finds ‘Spiritual Materialism’ in Bali with a show featuring mixed media and reclaimed wood


By combining painting, illustration and woodworking skills, Joe Lauder has put his line of retro inspired, handmade cruiser skateboarders and accompanying apparel on the global surf and skate radar under the name Satta. Collaborating with illustrator friend Stevie Gee, he has also gained the attention of the British and international graphic design community. Based out of South London, Lauder approaches art and making skateboarders from the viewpoint of adapting to one’s environment. During a short holiday in Bali (which became a much longer stay than anticipated) Lauder was invited to the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm as the space’s resident artist. The temple combines a gallery, workshop, and café – all focused on good vibes and creativity. Fast forward just six weeks and Lauder is opening his ‘Spiritual Materialism’ show that features work comprised of found objects, freshly shaped skate decks and reclaimed wood.

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