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Discover a laser-cut fashion line resembling 3D graphic design

Rotterdam based designer Martijn van Strien currently presents his new label mphvs at Dutch Design Week. The collection is called ‘Contradictions’ and uses laser-cut PVC to create futuristic, dazzling patterns that will certainly appeal to the graphic designers among us. The collection is “inspired by a man who travels the edges of his existence. The cuts and patterns reflect his journey and originated in the buildings, bridges and other man-made structures he passed.” In other words, the collection draws inspiration from architecture and indeed: skyscrapers aren’t that far away when you take a look at the garments. The pieces are made from laser-cut PVC, then cut into oversized, square shapes that are often almost completely see-through. “It’s a ‘unisex’ collection because I don’t believe in the difference between men and women,” as van Strien describes the collection. ”It’s about being confused and lost and liking it,” van Strien adds.
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Blend Selects: Museumnacht


For the 15th time the museums of Amsterdam will open up their doors with special activities and exhibitions for the annual Museumnacht on the 1st of November. From 19.00 to 02.00 art lovers and culture fanatics are invited to make their way to 50 participating museums. With music performances, special exhibitions, tours and DIY projects you have a sea of opportunities to go and experience the art Amsterdam has to offer. BLEND has selected the best Musuemnacht has on offer.

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A Floral Affair by Bas Kosters


Fashion designer Bas Kosters has presented the 15 most beautiful flowers of the season, with an equal number of male models who showcased the selection adorned with floral prints and outfits made of real flowers. ‘A Floral Affair’ is the official launch of the Lievelingsbloem (aka favourite flower) campaign during which friends are quizzed to find out if they know each other’s favourite flower. For the occasion, they were allowed to pick flowers from the bodies of the models. Bas Kosters, known for his figurative and copious designs, was commissioned to make a collection based on the 15 favourite flowers of the season. The result is an eclectic, colourful mix of flowers, a unique floral prints made for the project, and distinct shapes. The master florists of The Wunderkammer were asked to make a literal living garden from which the flowers could be picked by the audience.

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Min Jung-Yeon’s work takes the roads less traveled


France based, Korean born artist Min Jung-Yeon has recently come up with a series of India ink paintings meditating on those rare moments of quiet stillness. Her body of work emerged during the artist’s move from the French capitol to the countryside. The nostalgic setting reminded her of her childhood and youth spent in Korea. Jung-Yeon’s work communicates less through grandiose vistas and more through a subtle placement of suggestive elements. Her geological formations are stylized and textured, with pine trees showing up as dreamlike motifs that invite the audience to imagine an undisturbed, uninhabited paradise. The artist will be showing with Galerie Maria Lund for the upcoming Young International Artists Art Fair, taling place in Paris October 23 through 26.

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Astonishing Self Portraits by pro skater Fabiano Rodrigues


Fabiano Rodrigues is a Sao-Paulo based skateboarder and photographer with a fantastic eye for composition – especially in his self portraits. The thirty year old first stood in front of the camera before choosing to stand behind it. During his tours of Europe and Brazil as a professional skateboarder, he was regularly seen photographing other doing tricks. Soon he became interested in motion, composition and architecture. His Tumblr features brilliant shots of other athletes doing their thing, next to a series of self portraits that show him doing tricks and catching airtime in locations with astonishing architecture. Rodrigues shoots with a medium format Hasselblad and wireless remote control. After framing the scene, Rodrigues grabs his board, performs a trick, and then uses the remote to trip the camera’s shutter at the apex. Note the framing of the images, the play of light and shadow and the architectural beauty of its surroundings. Each photo is printed just once. His work is available from the Logo Gallery in Sao Paulo. More images after the break.

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